Set Off To Be A Santa This Season Through Crowdfunding

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 25, 2020

We all love Santa Claus, as he adds to the Christmas festivity. But did you know Santa Claus is based on a real person, Saint Nicholas? He was born in the third century and became famous for his generosity, (Saint= Santa and Niclous=Claus). Santa Claus is famed for generosity, he comes bearing gifts and happiness. Here are a few ways you can spread light with generosity and be a Santa Claus to someone.


 Crowdfund For A Cause

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds online for a cause. Look around yourself, Covid has left many people around us in need of funds for various reasons. If you know anyone in need of funds, start a fundraiser for them at ImpactGuru. In less than 5 minutes you can start a fundraising campaign that can reach out to hundreds of people who might believe in the same cause as you. It will not only help the person in need financially but will also give them a reason to celebrate this holiday season.


Show Gratitude

This year hasn’t been easy on any one of us. But if you are healthy then you certainly have something to be thankful for. This year has taught us patience and gratitude. You can show gratitude by helping those who are unable to pay for their medical funds. Start a medical fundraiser and do it together as a family. A fundraiser can raise a huge amount required with ease while giving someone a gift of a healthier future.

ImpactGuru is India’s leading medical crowdfunding platform which will assist you in your crowdfunding journey throughout. 


Give To A Cause

Starting crowdfunding is easy but if you don’t want to do that just yet, you can start by donating to a cause that is important to you. ImapctGuru supports all types of crowdfunding, medical, personal, creative. Donating for a cause that you connect with brings you one step closer to start your own fundraiser. Sharing a cause is also a simple way of supporting.


This season is all about spreading health and happiness to build a better year ahead. Crowdfunding is a simple way of achieving the same.


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