Reasons to Consider Crowdfunding for Small Business

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 18, 2020


Crowdfunding is becoming a popular option to raise funds all over the world. Whether you need funds for a personal cause, business, social, or medical cause, crowdfunding can help you raise funds for a cause or idea that you passionately care about.  It is a great opportunity for small businesses to pitch their idea to the public directly, avoiding the traditional method of financing their idea. Crowdfunding can be a perfect solution for an aspiring entrepreneur to kickstart his small business. Here are reasons many entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to start their business in 2020.


Less Time And No Payback Compared To Other Financing Options 

Raising money using traditional methods may take months. And that is just the start of your journey. Getting loans or finding someone on your own to sponsor your project can be a very long and exhausting process. When you start crowdfunding, you can connect with a much larger crowd, speeding up the process for you to get the funds you need. Financing options like loans have a long set of prerequisites that many times restrict people because they are unable to qualify for some of the measured parameters. Crowdfunding is a 5min process with us so start a fundraiser now!


Helps Build Community And Connections

When people donate to your project, they are supporting you. With crowdfunding, you can build a community of people who believe in your project. It is also an opportunity to build contacts that will help your business flourish. Sharing updates is a great way to keep donors connected on the progress you make at every step of the way. 

Safe Transactions & Immediate Transfers

When crowdfunding on ImpactGuru all the donations made to fundraisers are encrypted, therefore safe. Constant updates are provided to you so you stay updated on every donation that is made to your fundraiser. Whatever the amount you raise, you have the option to withdraw the funds immediately so you can start putting your plan into action. 

There are a number of advantages to crowdfunding for a small business, but before you start it’s important to learn a few keywords that will help you understand the process better along the way. 


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