Raise More Money With This Medical Crowdfunding Guide

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 11, 2021

Time and again, crowdfunding has proven to be an effective way to raise money for medical-related purposes. Several families have been witness to the magic of crowdfunding during medical emergencies. If you are here to understand how to raise more money then you already know the basics of crowdfunding. If not, read Crowdfunding explained in 3 simple steps

Crowdfunding a simple process but to widen the outreach of your fundraiser, you must keep these three things in mind. It might seem trivial but if done correctly, your fundraiser can stand out amongst others.

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Three things play a very important role in making crowdfunding successful:


A Compelling Story


Keep in mind that your medical story will speak for your fundraiser to the potential donors out there.   You can start a medical fundraiser for different kinds of diseases or ailments.   It is important to give the readers a description through which they understand the grievances of the patient and the urgency to donate. These descriptions are generally centered around individuals undergoing medical treatment. There are a few very important things to keep in mind while writing your story;

Title: There have been several crowdfunding examples that have seen their fundraisers become more effective after they chose to revise their title to a clear and crisp one. The first thing that your donors  will read is your title. This sentence will decide whether they will choose to read your story or not. This line should be easily understandable. It should be a short illustration of your cause and the person who needs the funds.

Story: The story of your fundraiser should be centered around the patient in need.  It is important that you write a compelling story describing your loved one’s medical journey with the disease right from the diagnosis to the current treatment that they need. In your fundraising campaign, talk about the diagnosis, talk about the urgency of the treatment, the money spent so far. Talk about the financial distress and the consequences of delayed treatment on the patient’s health. 

Funds usage: If you are crowdfunding for medical care, the donors need to see what impact the funds donated can bring about. In your story, mention the aggregate amount of the treatment including medication, supportive care and checkups. That way, the donors remain assured about the usage of their funds. 

Visual Aids: Images

It has often been observed that online crowdfunding works better when the donors have images of the affected or the person they are donating to. An Image is the engaging part of your fundraiser. It’s the first thing that your donors will see. An appropriate image that goes with your fundraising story, will help people visualize it. It will help people feel visually connected to the individual in need of funds.

You can pick an image that shows the before and after the image of a patient in need of medical funds. This will help evoke empathy in people. . It is also important that you update your donors about your fundraising campaign using images. For example, If the patient for whom you started the fundraiser is getting better, it is important to upload recovery pictures. It keeps the donors engaged, and makes them root for the patient’s recovery and donate or share your story further. 


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After starting your fundraising, most crowdfunding websites in India encourage you to share your fundraiser as far and wide across social media as you can. Start by sharing on email and WhatsApp. The best thing to do is share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share your fundraiser image with the fundraiser link and a short version of your story. Fundraising on social media can give your campaign a boost.  To make the reach even more wide, post updates related to your fundraiser at least once a week. Use all social media platforms available. Most importantly, make an appeal  for people’s support through donations. Remember, asking is a sign of strength.


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