Quick fundraising ideas when you’re raising funds for an emergency

By: Jasmine Marfatia

Published On: September 10, 2018

We give quick fundraising ideas to get fast donations during an emergency. Read on! 

There are several ways that one can raise money for a cause - there are loans, insurances, family borrowings, selling assets, applying for grants etc. But what must one do when an emergency arises, and you need funds quickly

Most of the ways to raise money involve long processes like filling of forms, applying, requesting, visiting offices, awaiting approvals (or rejections), and what not.


This means, such methods rarely prove to be practical for emergency situations. But online crowdfunding is a little different - you can actually raise funds very fast for a cause, if you put in the effort to execute some effective and quick fundraising ideas. 

Through this article we hope to share some unique fundraising ideas, as well as some tips to execute quick fundraising ideas.

Target the audience most likely to resonate with your cause

With the kind of reach and connectivity that the internet provides, it’s not very difficult to reach out to people from anywhere to any part of the world. Additionally, it’s easily possible to narrow down to the ideal target audience for your cause, and aim to get them involved.

This means that you must first determine a target audience, and them aim to reach out to them in your own country, as well as world over. For instance, if you’re raising funds for a family member who is battling cancer and needs funds for chemotherapy, you must find other cancer communities, groups, support groups, NGOs, cancer survivors, and ask them for help.

cancer-patients-in-IndiaGiven that these people have suffered the same fate, or have had a loved one go through cancer, they would be well aware and understanding of your financial situation. Such people are most likely to make a donation to your cause, as well as help you spread the message. 

Convey the urgency of your need for funds

Since you’re raising money for an urgent reason, you need to convey this to people who will come across your campaign. They must know what’s at stake, and why it’s so important that they help you fast. 

To do this, you may determine a timeline for your campaign, and be regular in updating your social media pages with how far you've come. For example - ‘XYZ has only 2 months left before the cancer takes his/her life’, Or, ‘We only have 3 more days to raise Rs 50,000, and you can help us!’. Doing this is necessary to remind people that there is an emergency.


Rope in some media outlets for extra coverage

Effective media coverage has the influence of shaping the way people look at you or your nonprofit. If the press coverage about your initiative is positive, then it can draw in a lot of donors to help you achieve your fundraising goal. 

Getting media channels or journalists to cover your campaign will bring in a lot of traction, and consequently donors. Aim to be covered in the whole spectrum - be it print media, television, internet, or broadcast. After all, mass communication will give you the best reach.

Combine your online fundraising activities with offline fundraising activities

Let’s not forget that your online crowdfunding campaign will only reach people who are on the internet, not people who aren’t. 

However, offline communities form a large chunk of the philanthropic population in India, and missing the opportunity to pitch your appeal to them, would be an opportunity missed. 

Critics might say it's ludicrous to spend money on offline activities just to make your online one more effective - but we say why not? Moreover, most of the big money fundraising ideas have been successful through a combination of online and offline fundraising.


Collaborate with other individuals, organizations, nonprofits, or businesses

Startups and nonprofit organizations have recognized for long the value of collaboration and teamwork. Strategic alliances have benefits that go way beyond their monetary value. 

These include strategic communications, larger audiences, credibility, and brand image. That is just one aspect. Startups and young entrepreneurs today, are driven by their age and their knowledge of the millennial generation, i.e the influencers. 

Their enthusiasm and awareness can greatly benefit any emergency fundraising initiative, and further a good cause.

Ask your friends, family to be the first donors

Image result for please help me gif

Your close friends and family should form the base of your supporter network. Since they are closely associated to you, they are also emotionally invested in your problems, and you can count on them to help you further your cause. 

Encourage your friends and family to be the first to donate towards your campaign. By doing this, you get the ball rolling, and when other people visit your page, they’ll see that the donation are already coming in, and they’ll feel encouraged to donate as well. 

If no one has donated, visitors and potential donors may be discouraged to do so too. So get started with your loved ones! 

Use social media tools to create awareness about your cause

There several social media platforms that will allow you to execute affordable and cheap fundraising idea. Every social media platform comes with a unique advantage to grow your network and engage in deeper communications. 

For instance, Facebook has the concept of liking, sharing, commenting. Twitter has retweets, and encourages discussions. Instagram is an excellent platform to reach out to those who respond better to visuals.

social-mediaGoogle+ is great to find and join large communities. Additionally, all of these allow for hashtags, which is a great way to start a movement. Social media is your most important tool when it come to executing quick fundraising ideas, so it may help to have a detailed strategy for it. 

Make the process of donation easy for your donors

It’s not uncommon that people come across a campaign page, but decide to donate later in case they are busy. Normally this would be okay, but when it come to emergency crowdfunding, you can’t afford the risk of losing a donor, in case they forget to donate later, or end up changing their mind. 

The most practical solution to this is to have several call to action buttons all over your campaign page and on all social media links. This means one click will bring them directly to the payment gateway, making it a very easy and fast process to donate money.

Image result for please donate call to action

A donor should not have to be scrolling, and looking around the page wondering how to donate. Remember that people are always pressed for time, and have a very short attention span when scrolling online. So call to action buttons will serve as a constant reminder to take action fast. 

If you find yourself running out of creative quick fundraising ideas, hopefully the list below will be of help. 

  1. Marathons for a cause

  2. Bake sales 

  3. Fundraising auctions

  4. Live performances

  5. Online quizzes

  6. Referral programs

  7. Unique rewards

  8. Sports activities for a cause

  9. Book sales

  10. Art shows

In times of extreme difficulty, people’s natural instinct is to help one another. This has been proven time and again - the most recent example being the Kerala floods that took place in August.

Several emergency campaigns were started on Impact Guru and other crowdfunding platforms in India, to help the victims with food, medicines, clothes etc.  So there’ll always be people ready to lend helping hand, all you need to know is the best way to reach out for help. 

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