Planning a cancer fundraising event? Follow these simple rules!

By: Jasmine Marfatia

Published On: July 06, 2018

Wondering how to organize a fundraiser for a cancer patient? We give you simple and effective tips. 

As the world observed World Cancer Day just a few months ago in February, the internet has been brimming with the latest statistics on the prevalence of cancer in India. 

The Indian Council Medical Research is expecting the number of cancer cases to shoot up to 17.3 lakh by 2020 - and this may well be just a peripheral number owing to the fact that innumerable cases go undiagnosed and unreported. With each passing year, these statistics have become more and more alarming, for it may almost seem like the state of healthcare in India is regressing rather than progressing.A silver lining in this otherwise terrifying situation is the efforts taken by communities of survivors, victims, well-wishers, who aim to provide physical, emotional, and financial relief to cancer victims and their caregivers. 

We see these activities in different forms, on and off the internet, be it online campaigns, pinning ribbons of solidarity, cancer fundraising, or running medical crowdfunding campaigns. 

Such efforts convince us that not all hope is lost, and in fact joining forces to aid India’s fight against cancer might just be a step in the right direction. 

Through this article we explore the potential of cancer fundraising events in bringing monetary relief to cancer victims. We shall also provide insight on some high profit cancer fundraising ideas, and the best way to execute them. 

High profit cancer fundraising ideas that you can start with 

Cancer fundraising isn’t just limited to raising money to help out a sufferer with medical bills. If we were to adopt a macro approach for cancer fundraising, a comprehensive way to go about it would be to include:

1: Cancer treatment

2: Cancer awareness

3: Cancer research

Picking a high profit cancer fundraising idea: Know what purpose you are fundraising for

Once you know what your purpose for fundraising is, picking a type of event or theme will become so much easier. For instance, if you’re raising money for the cancer treatment of one or more individuals, a simple gathering of friends, family, inner circles, and acquaintances might be enough. 

But if you’re aim is to fund cancer research or a specific study, it might be a good idea to organize a conference with medical research specialists who will be able to convey their plans if the target amount is raised. 

In this case you would invite medical students, doctors, and other established people and organizations who’d make for larger donations. Lastly, cancer awareness campaign for the uninitiated would do well with an event that has interesting activities to keep people engaged, such as a marathon, of a film screening about cancer. Fundraising for cancer patient in India: Plan a budget and focus on the details 

If you know the type of event you’re organizing, then get down to the smallest of details such as shortlisting places to host it, a guest list, activities, staff, food & beverages, tickets, transport, security, and everything else that may be relevant to your event. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to plan a budget and know exactly how much money you need to raise.

How to raise funds for cancer treatment through events?

The expenses involved with organizing any sort of event are the biggest hurdle. Once you’ve got step 1, 2, and 3 down to every detail, you must figure out a way to arrange money to afford it, such that you still have funds left at the end of it for your cancer initiative.

With traditional forms of fundraising, a large chunk of the donation usually gets utilized in recovering the cost of the event itself, leaving very little for the actual cause.

A practical solution to this problem would be to start fundraising for the event much before the event. Having said that, crowdfunding campaigns have already proven to be incredibly successful at helping people afford medical treatment. 

So it might be beneficial to use a crowdfunding platform to raise money for your cancer cause too

You might ask why do the event at all when you can raise funds directly through crowdfunding. Well that is true, and you can do that. But sometimes, with larger campaigns, it can be highly profitable to combine your online fundraising efforts with offline activities

Moreover, we must remember that not everyone has an online presence. So for potential donors that don’t, a fundraising event would be ideal. 

How to raise funds for medical treatment in India: Pick the most suited crowdfunding platform to raise money for your event

There are hundreds of crowdfunding platforms in India today. Some of them specialize in specific categories, while others cover all categories. A through analysis of the platforms, based on specialization, number of campaigns hosted, amount of funds raised, etc, will help you narrow down your options.

For instance, at Impact Guru, we host campaigns from any and all categories, but we have a lot of experience with medical fundraisers, making in the perfect platform of a cancer fundraising event, or any other medical cause. 

In addition, you may want to look for a platform with good online presence and a strong supporter network, so that you have wider reach and an audience, as well as a platform that will help you promote your campaign and create a buzz around it. 

How to create a buzz around your crowdfunding campaign and event?

Raising money through a crowdfunding platform itself will allow you lots of opportunities for online promotions as the whole process takes place online. 

But that’s not going to be enough. Here's a few more things you can do:

-Contact journalists to feature your campaign and consequent event on print and digital media portals.

-Reach out to friends and family and ask them to contribute to the fundraiser and share it on social media-Partner up with an influential personality and get their help to draw attention to your cause - it could be a celebrity, musician, social activist, a politician, a youtuber, or any other influencer.

-Get a spokesperson to spearhead your campaign communication activities

-Create a hashtag for your crowdfunding campaign.

-Share updates on new donations and how much you’ve raised.

-Give your potential donors an incentive to donate

Most campaigners usually tend to overlook the potential of rewards. For the uninitiated, offering rewards is a useful marketing strategy that helps incentivize two sets of people. 

1) Your loyal supporters, who will have reason to stay with your cause and provide long term support.
2) It will help convert potential donors into sure-shot donors, because who doesn’t like a little free gift? There are some ideas for rewards you could offer:

-Invites to the event-A meet-and-greet with the influencer helping you with your campaign

Merchandize like caps and t-shirts, diaries, pens etc, perhaps with something about cancer awareness

-Tax exemptions are extremely incentivizing, and are usually offered to people who contribute through crowdfunding campaigns 

Let your supporters know you’re grateful for their help

Once your event has been successful you must convey your gratitude to your supporters, and let them know how great of an impact their contributions can make. This is necessary to ensure  more people realize how great it can feel to contribute towards a good cause, as well as to ensure that their support will be available for future campaigns as well. Something as simple as a thank you note or a shoutout on social media can go a long way. Hope these tips help in planning out your cancer fundraising event, and more importantly encourage others to do the same, so that we can collectively reduce the alarming number of cancer related deaths that take place in India every year. 

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