Not All Heroes Wear Capes

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

In 2020, the crowdfunding campaigns we have seen on our platform have had two facets: one, they have highlighted the amount of suffering people are going through. And two, these campaigns have also helped us find some unassuming heroes among us. Before 2020, we might not have given them a second look. But today, we are proud to stand up and acknowledge these heroes, our heroes. 



The past 8 months have seen friends, family, and even neighbors keep a safe distance from each other. The nature of the pandemic has been such that no one is safe and everyone is scared. In these times, for a stranger to step up and help is nothing less than a miracle. A number of relief campaigns on our platform have seen both individuals and NGOs raising funds for the vulnerable sections of society, be it the elderly or be it migrants. Some sought to supply hygiene kits, while some delivered dry rations. 10-year-old Shiva Raj will also agree here; his widowed mother had no resources left for his treatment, that is until strangers helped her start a crowdfunding campaign on ImpactGuru. The amount raised here not only helped him get his surgery, but also saved him from a permanent disability; all because of the kindness of some strangers.

Ambulance drivers have a fixed destination: your recovery!


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An illustration of an ambulance on a road


At a time when there was an acute shortage of beds across hospitals, ambulances and their drivers acted as literal life-savers. Criss-crossing their cities, these drivers didn’t rest till patients were able to reach the hospitals. Long working hours and the risk of infection didn’t deter them from doing their duty. In fact, during the pandemic, we were privileged to work with ambulance service provider The funds raised from their fundraising campaign were used to subsidise ambulance trips for those who couldn’t pay for them, even up to 100% for some patients.


Our guardians in khaki, our police forces 

India’s law enforcers, our police forces are assumed to be a constant presence in our cities and towns. But it is people like us who wear that uniform. Even they have families, and a home to go back to. Amidst the pandemic, they were the ones who helped enforce the lockdown, who dealt with interstate migrants, and who had to scold people to help save their own lives. And they had to do this, day in and day out. Even now, as India comes back to life, they are out there, always on duty.

Protecting our protectors: our doctors & nurses


Doctors performing a medical procedure


Putting their lives on the line, sweating for hours inside PPE kits, and sometimes even staying in a separate room from their families, our doctors & nurses did everything possible to ensure India’s public health crisis was largely contained by our health centres and hospitals. Even as we accept masks, transparent plastic partitions, PPE kits and sanitisers as our new normal, it is worth remembering the initial days of the outbreak. Lacking enough PPE kits, some healthcare workers turned up for work in something as flimsy as a surgical mask. Some of them - trying to save the lives of others - succumbed to the virus themselves. ImpactGuru & Action Covid Team raised funds to supply much-needed PPE kits to our frontline healthcare workers. We also helped many hospitals start their own crowdfunding campaigns, so they could raise funds to overcome these extraordinary circumstances. In fact, even celebrities like Ira Dubey also launched fundraising campaigns with the same goal: protecting our protectors!


It’s been a hard-won victory for India, and it is not over yet. There are many challenges yet to come, while richer & better-equipped countries than ours are stumbling yet again. But even as we prepare to face these new obstacles, let’s remember to thank our heroes. Because with these heroes by our side, no obstacle and no pandemic is unbeatable.


You can do your bit by starting your own fundraiser in these tough times. Why now, you may ask? Here are some reasons to start a crowdfunding campaign in 2020.