No Medical Insurance For Accident Injuries? Crowdfunding To The Rescue!

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: February 04, 2021

Every day, 1214 road crashes occur across the country. 

Every day, 414 people die in road accidents in India. 

Every hour, 17 people are killed in a road accident.


These numbers are from the latest statistics from groundbreaking reports of nationwide accidents. Accident fatalities and injuries can be drastic. Broken bones, lacerations, head and neck injuries, are the most common types of injuries in case of a major car crash or a bike wreck. After every fatal accident, a medical emergency ensues. The survivors are rushed to the trauma centers for immediate medical attention.

Complicated medical procedures such as surgeries, ICU support, and other treatments for acute and chronic injuries cost lakhs of rupees. Below the poverty line (BPL) families end up paying 10 to 30 times of what they earn as their monthly income without medical insurance. Many burn through their savings or end up in crushing debt. 

What the numbers indicate

According to the 2019 statistics, only 10% of the poorest rural population does not hold any medical insurance policy. And in urban India, even lesser people of the poor section have medical insurance to back them up financially. Medical emergencies require sizable coverage if the injuries are drastic. 

Since private medical insurance is more predominant in the country, the middle-class and the upper-middle-class population have more access to insured healthcare. Over 50% of 1.3 billion people in India still do not have insurance to cover their medical expenses. 

Poor accident victims are thus unable to undergo procedures in time due to the lack of funds. The families of laborers, housemaids, coolies, and auto-drivers are likely to fall short of funds for major surgeries after a serious accident. 

But these people can be aided. Crowdfunding can completely turn the lives of accident victims around. 

How Fundraising Comes Into Play 

Crowdfunding is basically the practice of providing monetary assistance to a person or a collective for a particular cause. Any cause that is deemed worthy by the donors can be funded and brought to success. It has been proved to be the most effective way of fundraising for urgent and important causes for social welfare. The method essentially bridges the gap between the charitable and the people in need. 

Tempo driver, Deepak Ahuja’s wife helped raise funds for his ICU support after his gruesome accident. 

ImpactGuru has helped hundreds of accident survivors raise funds for their expensive surgeries and medical procedures. Through crowdfunding, ImpactGuru has helped raise funds for several accident victims.

An auto driver could raise money for his son’s surgeries after a bike accident. 

A young engineer’s wife was able to voice out her urgent need for her husband’s brain surgery after a major accident. 

A family of coolies was able to raise funds for their loved ones whose lorry met with an accident on the way to a wedding. 

Labourer’s 9-year-old daughter recovered after a hit-and-run accident with the help of several donors.

Crowdfunding thus fills in for the absence of medical insurance giving the poverty-stricken and the middle-class an option to pay off hefty medical bills after an accident. In times of desperation, you can start your own fundraiser at All it takes is 4 simple steps to set up your campaign within minutes! You can learn more about starting your fundraiser here.