Mothers On ImpactGuru Who Won Our Hearts

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 20, 2021

Patience, strength, love, and selflessness - mothers are the epitome of these qualities. Their mere presence acts as protection for the children. Mothers are filled with emotions and love. They will go to any extent for the well being of their family. Mothers are the only example of selfless love. Let’s take some time to celebrate mothers on ImpactGuru who have motivated many to grow stronger amidst difficult times. Learning about their crowdfunding stories will not only inspire you but will also make you understand the process and power of crowdfunding.


Through the years, we have come to know so many such mothers and we thought you would like to meet them too.  

A Widowed Mother Saving Her Son

Achanna had to raise money for her son’s bone grafting surgery without which he would be disabled for a lifetime. She is a widow who was already struggling to raise her two boys. During the pandemic, She lost her job as a housemaid adding to her financial stress. Amidst her difficult time, her son required bone grafting surgery. She did not lose hope. She started a fundraiser at ImpactGuru. With the kindness of our donors, she raised the goal amount. With the strong will of his mother, the son now continues to live a normal and healthy life.


A Single Mother Rides From Kanyakumari To Kashmir

Moksha is setting an example of a strong, independent modern-day woman. Her goal is to empower young girls with education.

She started a ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with the aim to educate 100 girls. Moksha is a single mother and she is raising the bar of empowerment for every woman out there. She managed to raise 3,38,139 for her cause from 93 donors. Her story and vision are nothing less than breathtaking.


Mother Single-Handedly Raises Money For Her Son’s Open-Heart Surgery

Farheen Naaz, a young mother was being taunted for giving birth to two girls. She was forced to abort her third child for which she strongly refused and stepped up to give birth. It was a boy but that did not end her difficulties. The infant son required open-heart surgery urgently. She had no one to turn to for financial help when doctors suggested she start a fundraiser at ImpactGuru.

With her patience and perseverance, she managed to raise enough for her son’s surgery. She is forever grateful to everyone who donated.


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A Mother’s Optimism

Uma’s son was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, despite which she stayed strong. She was shaken when she was diagnosed with blood cancer. The never-ending pain of this disease with chemotherapy, consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests were dampening her optimism. In spite of the adversities, she held onto positivity and started a fundraiser at ImpactGuru.

101 donors raised the required funds for her treatment making her fundraiser on ImpactGuru a huge success.


Hold on to optimism, patience, hope, and kindness. These mothers on ImpactGuru have won our hearts and inspired many through their crowdfunding stories.


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