More Women in India are Diagnosed with Cancer Than Men

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 24, 2021

A disease described 3000 years ago in Egypt still exists and remains one of the most critical and prevalent medical conditions. 

Factors such as environment, genes and living conditions can determine the prevalence of this deadly disease in India. As compared to the rest of the world.  Statistics show that more Indian women than men are periodically diagnosed with cancer. Breast, Cervical, Colorectum, Ovary, Lip, and Oral cancer are the most common types of cancer in Indian women. - Sagar

The most common type of cancer

Breast cancer is most common in Indian women. It accounts for 27% of all cancers. On average 1 in 28 women are affected by this cancer. While females of any age can develop this cancer, with age the risk increases. The peak age of breast and ovarian cancer in Indian women is 45-50 years which is a decade younger than the peak age in other developed countries which is 60 years. The treatment may involve surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, medications, and hormone therapy. The minimum cost of the cancer treatment is INR 5-6 lakh. 

On an average, 6 chemotherapy cycles cost more than 20 lakh. 

Cervical Cancer

The second most common type of cancer in women, this type of cancer accounts for 22.8% of all cancer seen in Indian women. The average age of affliction is between 21-67 years. This type is uncommon in women who are not sexually active. The average cost of treatment is INR 3.45 lakh  exclusive of surgery, hospitalization, pre-surgery preparations, recovery, and therapy.

Ovarian Cancer

The risk of ovarian cancer starts increasing after the age of 35 and reaches its peak between age 55-64. Surgery is the major treatment for ovarian cancer, the average cost for the treatment is INR 6 lakh. This form of cancer requires more post-check-up compared to other cancers.

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