Meet some of the celebrities who crowdfunded on ImpactGuru

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

Crowdfunding & celebrities is not a combination you see often. After all, celebrities do have break-neck schedules that keep them on their toes. But here is a select group of individuals who not only helped complete strangers in distress; they also encouraged their friends, their followers, and their fans to support a diverse range of causes or even complete strangers. Such kindness doesn’t just have to be recognized. It has to be treasured!

Helping pandemic-hit citizens


The vulnerable sections of society - senior citizens and migrant & daily wage workers - were unprepared for the pandemic & its effects. In a matter of months, they had no money left, not even to buy food. But who could they turn to for help?


Singer Shaan started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru, the beneficiaries of which were Aakanksha (Vision For A Better Future) and HelpAge India, to help these people in distress. Together, they aimed to:

  1. provide monetary and in-kind support to around 1000 auto drivers, rag pickers and other daily wagers living in the slums of Kadapa and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh.

  2. provide a one month survival package - consisting of groceries and coronavirus protection kits - to the elderly, living in some of India’s backward districts.


The response was humbling: more than Rs. 5 lakh was raised, with donations from across India & abroad. Shaan even took to social media to thank donors for their overwhelming support.


A tweet from Shaan


Helping these parents save their newborn


Crowdfunding is not just about big causes. It can be as simple as helping two parents take their newborn home. Earlier this year, Bangalore-based Nischitha and Srinath were blessed with a baby girl. But there was a catch: their child was a premature baby, born before term at 7 months. But as their daughter’s condition worsened, the parents realised they had no money left to even keep their child admitted in the hospital.


It was in these dire circumstances when their crowdfunding appeal caught the attention of screenwriter, actor and director Harish Shankar. He promptly shared this tweet:


A tweet from Harish Shankar


Subsequently, people from all over the internet came together and contributed to ensure this infant’s speedy recovery. In July 2020, Nischita and Srinath came back to ImpactGuru, with a video. But this time, they were not alone; they were with their daughter, now healthy and discharged from the hospital! 


This is not the only crowdfunding journey Mr Harish has been a part of. In 2019, he appealed to donors to help his friend’s mother, Mrs. Saripalli Padma, after she was diagnosed with cancer. Today, she has recovered and is doing well. 

Helping our protectors stay protected


The pandemic gave people a new-found appreciation for the work our healthcare workers do. We all saw how our doctors, our nurses, even our ambulance drivers worked for hours at a stretch just to do their duty. Actress Ira Dubey saw all this too, and went one step further: she created a fundraiser to provide PPE kits to our frontline healthcare workers. What made her do this? 


Keep in mind that this was when PPE kits were not just scarce, but expensive to procure as well.  But with support from donors across India, the campaign was able to raise more than Rs. 1 lakh, and buy PPE kits to make sure our protectors stayed safe. 


Doing their bit, and encouraging others to help too!


As the pandemic hit India, ImpactGuru’s efforts were noticed and supported by many. Among the many celebrities who mentioned ImpactGuru’s campaigns were actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, actor Avantika Hundal and Indian influencer Sarah T:

Instagram mentions from Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, Avantika Hundal, Sarah T


In one of our campaigns, Indian students from Imperial College (London) as well as IIT and NIT alumni put together a fundraiser, in collaboration with 4 NGOs: Helpage India, Elderly Care Trust, Rapid Response, Society for Poor People Development, to help the hardest-hit sections of India. People from diverse walks of life sat up and took notice. Celebrities especially - including comedian Rohan Joshi & singer Mihir Joshi - reached out to their friends & fans on social media, encouraging them to do their bit:



Instagram mentions from Mihir Joshi & Rohan Joshi


It was in part due to their support that the campaign was able to help more than 1000 families across India, providing them life-saving dry ration kits and hygiene kits.  


The most vulnerable? No more now!


Initial studies all pointed to one thing: that the elderly were the most vulnerable to the virus. But this was in addition to an already existing fact: most of India’s senior citizens were also the most vulnerable to socio-economic upheavals. Who could help them now?


SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation partnered with ImpactGuru to provide COVID-19 protection kits to the elderly. Celebrities who spread the word included actor Tanish Alladi, and actor Rithvik Dhanjani


Instagram mentions from Tanish Alladi and Rithvik Dhanjani


With the help of social media in these socially distanced times, 395 such prevention kits were purchased and used. At the start of the pandemic, the elderly may have been the most vulnerable. But with initiatives like these, many elderly citizens have come out unscatched.



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