Make Diwali Special Twice - Light Up Someone’s Life

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: November 11, 2020


Diwali will be a bit different this year. Less sweets, more sanitizers; less crackers, more masks; less home visits, more video calls. But even this type of Diwali is a privilege for many. In 2020, there are many who are struggling to buy even the basic essentials. The pandemic has changed the lives of many, and for the worse. This Diwali, let’s remember those who are less fortunate than us. Let’s help bring some light into their lives as well!


Help Our Four Legged Friends!

Our four-legged friends have always had a tough time during the festive season. But as of today, they have been suffering for months now. The pandemic confined the people who fed strays, and almost shut down the animal welfare homes which take care of these strays. One such organization is Dogist India, based out of Sonipat (near Delhi). Dogist India not only takes care of strays, but also ensures that they get adequate medical attention. But treating injuries, buying medicines, and even feeding our four-pawed friends is an expensive venture. All that these samaritans want from you though, is your support.


Making Sure Our Elders Do Not Go To Sleep On An Empty Stomach

The COVID-19 pandemic rages on. Many have now accepted this situation, and try to go about life as they used to before. The elderly though, are struggling to adapt. They are not only more susceptible to falling sick, but earning a livelihood and staying alive is doubly hard for them. Dignity Foundation is trying to provide food relief to elderly citizens across the country, helping them make it through these tough times. With their assistance, at least our elders will not have to struggle to find a meal during Diwali!


Healthcare, For Those Who Cannot Pay For It

Health care has never been more important. However, not everyone can access the same level of health care. India’s rural areas especially suffer from a glaring lack of facilities and medical personnel. Singhvi Charitable Trust is hoping to continue providing free eye camps, dental treatment and physiotherapy in Tamil Nadu & Rajasthan. Paying the doctors, buying the medicines, along with supplying free spectacles to the rural poor who need them, means that organizing these camps requires money. Will you help sponsor these free health camps?


Amidst The Festive Season, They Struggle To Piece Back Their Lives

The recent Hyderabad floods may have abated, but they have left behind a trail of destruction in their wake. While people struggle to piece back their homes, and their lives, Kriya Sangh Society is trying to provide an assured supply of cooked food to the flood-affected victims. Through their community kitchens, they are able to ready the food & supply it to the people who need it the most. They, however, need our help to continue at their task. Can we do our bit, and help them have a happy Diwali?


Why Should Someone Else’s Crime Harm Her Life?

An acid attack shattered then 18-year-old Saranya’s life. But 10 years later, she is still reeling from the attack. Though the criminal is now behind bars, this cannot reduce the pain Saranya has to go through. The medications she needed - after the attack - affected her kidneys. Now, Saranya needs cosmetic surgery, along with an urgent kidney transplant. Can we together bring a little light into her life?


Amidst the festive atmosphere, and the lights & decorations, let us remember that there are those who are less fortunate than us. There are some who even in this auspicious period, will need to be in a hospital. This includes a 4-year-old child, a daughter who wants her father to recover, and a sister who is seeing her brother lie unconscious. Let’s celebrate our Diwali, but let’s also remember & help those who are a bit less fortunate than we are.