Looking For Non-Financial Ways To Help People During This Pandemic?

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: June 21, 2021

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in India was imminent but no one expected it to inflict so much damage in terms of the spread of the virus and the fatalities. India recorded the highest single day spike with 4,14,188 fresh coronavirus infections on May 6, 2021.

In these unprecedented circumstances, many of our fellow citizens have struggled for basic necessities like food, water, clothing, education, shelter, personal care, etc. While intended for their well-being, the lockdown has delivered a cruel blow to these people.  

Aside from helping these people financially, here are a few non-financial ways to reach out to someone in need

According to an article on Business Line India’s hunger statistics are among the poorest in the world. India was ranked 102 out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2019. As a comparison, India was ranked worse than Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

1. Feeding the hungry

What is happening?

Hunger is an issue that is widespread because it affects everybody in one way or another, a lot of people come under this category. We have the unemployed, beggars, homeless people, Covid patients who live in isolation, school children who rely on mid-day meals, senior citizens and clinically ill patients at home. 

It becomes a difficult task for these people to have a proper meal daily. 

The lockdown has also made life tough for rickshaw drivers, migrant workers and street vendors who relied on daily wages to buy essential food items or have a quick meal. 

How can you help?

Sharing your homemade meals or delivering food to these people is a great option. You can also distribute food grains and grocery items to them. 

There are many volunteer groups in India who are making it their mission to feed those in need of help. You can find such groups around your locality and join them. You can also start a food distribution fundraiser on a crowdfunding platform with the help of your group. It only takes 5 minutes to do that. 

2. Ensuring education does not stop

As per a NDTV article, a UNICEF report revealed that the pandemic has impacted 247 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary education, besides 28 million children who were undergoing pre-school education in Anganwadi centres.

What is happening?

According to Business Insider, in India, only 24% of households possess smartphones, while 11.5% of households have a computer with an Internet connection and around 24 million children may drop out of school.The pandemic has made educational institutions shift to virtual classrooms which has increased the digital divide. Students are dropping out of schools and colleges because they do not have access to smartphones or the internet. 

How can you help?

You could team up with an NGO to give away old or unused mobile phones and computers to these kids. You could educate your family and friends about this issue and encourage them to come forward to help.

3. Providing assistance to senior citizens

Senior citizens who live alone depend on other people for their daily needs. They need help in cooking, travelling, grocery shopping, personal care, etc. Due to lockdown, caretakers, maids, drivers and cooks are unable to travel to their place of work. 

How can you help?

You can volunteer with a group of people from your neighbourhood to provide  home cooked meals, medicines, groceries, personal care to senior citizens, help them get vaccine appointments and also accompany them to vaccination centres.    

If you need financial help to continue the good work, starting a fundraiser on a crowdfunding website is always an option. 

In these extraordinary times most of us are blessed as we do not have to struggle for basic necessities. We should be grateful and give back to the community. We must also look out for one another. All of these people need our help. The smallest of help from each one of us would count a lot. 

You can also share issues which you care for on social media which would encourage others to come forward and help. 

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