Impact Guru 2017 Rewind: Our Favourite Moments From Last Year

By: Fatema Diwan

Published On: January 08, 2018

2017 was a slightly tough year for the world. We witnessed 3 major cyclones, Irma, Maria, Ockhi, which tore apart many homes. President Trump walked away from the Paris Agreement. Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were left homeless. Suicide bombing in Manchester killed many too. Back home we witnessed cases of communal violence and censorship. 

But while the world was in crisis, we saw so many Impact Gurus take initiative to bring a change - in their own lives and in the lives of others.

As the year ends, we want to share with you some of these stories that stand out…


1) Residents of Delhi and Bangalore brought the community together to save the environment.

Raised Rs. 3, 58,000 from 213 donors


2) Young volunteers funded a waste storage facility to keep the Himalayas clean

Raised Rs. 3,00,000 from 48 donors


3) Adults with developmental disabilities raised funds to turn their catering service into a new cafe in Mumbai

Raised Rs. 7,82,000 from 90 donors


4) Two IITians got together to provide underprivileged kids vocational skills through NavGurukul

Raised Rs. 6,65,000 from 52 donors


5) A 17-year-old funded hygiene to enhance learning conditions for girls in government schools


Raised Rs. 11,00,000 from 139 donors



6) Project Khushi provided nutritious meals to 12,000 children

Raised Rs. 7,15,000 from 329 donors


7) A single-mother went on an adventure to educate 100 children

Raised Rs. 3,38,000 from 98 donors


8) Prem Ashram Trust educated girls in rural Karnataka

Raised Rs. 5,22,000 from 33 donors


9) A school teacher finally received her liver transplant after suffering from liver cirrhosis for 17 years

Raised Rs. 25,00,000 from 394 donors


10) A father who spent all his savings for his daughter’s treatment, got saved in return by hundreds of donors online

Raised Rs. 8,17,000 from 179 donors


11) Another father was able to save his premature twins

Raised Rs. 10,44,000 from 671 donors




12) While a 4-year old received his Bone Marrow Transplant and fought Neuroblastoma


Raised Rs. 9,29,000 from 295 donors




13) And a little girl fought blood cancer bravely


Raised Rs. 15,80,000 from 262 donors


As our impact grew larger, we grew larger too...


15) We partnered with GlobalGiving, the world’s largest NGO crowdfunding platform, to allow kindness to cross borders and became the first platform in India to enable tax benefits for US/UK donors


16) We joined EPIC TV and Virender Sehwag to raise funds for Indian Olympians aiming to win at Tokyo 2020


17) We collaborated with 30 hospitals around the country to raise money for patients and started “Doctors For Good” to empower doctors to help their patients pay medical costs


18) We became the first crowdfunding platform in the world to intergrate a storybuilder to aid campaigners write fundraising stories with the help of Artificial Intelligence


19) We put crowdfunding on people’s fingertips by launching the first ever crowdfunding app for campaigners


20) We hosted the first ever India Crowdfunding Symposium with GlobalGiving to bring key experts in the social sector together to drive crowdfunding


21) We closed the year in style with a pitch  for TIE The Knot on CNBC Young Turks which won the hearts of the panel

We are entering 2018 with FAITH

In the power of YOU

In the power of US

We aim to reach every individual, every family and every community to provide fundraising solutions to the most pressing social and personal problems. We want to unleash the hidden Impact Guru within each individual and make them realize their role in making 2018 an amazing year for everyone!

We are looking forward to a bigger and better 2018!

See you online,

Team Impact Guru