If you can’t be a donor, be a Supporter!

By: Jasmine Marfatia

Published On: February 02, 2019

Charity and philanthropy have always been an important part of India’s culture. Historically too, raising money in religious institutions like churches, mosques, synagogues etc, was the most popular and easiest way to raise money for a cause.

You could be raising money for renovations of the place of worship, to hold a religious event or ceremony, to start a religious newspaper or magazine, or simply to help a person in need of financial assistance. However, the dynamics of charity have slowly started to change over the years.


In comparison to most developing countries, philanthropy in India has grown a lot in the recent years. No longer are we caught in the stereotype that the Indian population is engaged in philanthropy and giving, but only when it come to temples and religious institutions.

In the recent years, it has been observed that the India’s younger generation has created a new wave of social responsibility and giving. A Millennial Impact report suggested that 84% millennials made charitable donations in 2014.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the digital revolution, that has encouraged and opened the world of online fundraising, which is why there is a connection between millennials and crowdfunding platforms, for it is the preferred pattern of new age activism.

But there’s a caveat!


The younger generation can’t donate the same way the older generation did, because they have less disposable income. One of the most crucial problems that the younger generation is facing is the rate of unemployment.

As a result of fewer jobs and lesser income, fewer people of this generation are able to save money, and hence have lower disposable income at hand. Doling out fat checks to large NGOs, then becomes a near impossibility.

While new concepts like crowdfunding have allowed more and more people to participate in social development activities and give back to society, there are still several out there who may be unable to contribute any sum of money towards a cause they care about even though they want to help - and that’s okay!

Because charity can come from so many other ways besides just being a donor. New methods like crowdfunding have not only created more donors, but also given regular people the opportunity to fundraise for a cause they may care about.

Which means you don’t just have to donate to do good, you can even be the one that raises money for a cause that means something to you, even if you’re not the founder of an NGO!

At Impact Guru, we’ve been able to help thousands of individuals and organizations raise funds for various social causes, be it for health, education, or community welfare. You too, can be a part of this journey.

1. Education fundraisers


Education is a necessary component for the social growth of any individual, and consequently nation, and therefore we have strived to provide a platform to several individuals, NGOs, non-profits, and learning institutions, to raise funds for various educational requirements.

In the hope to positively change lives, we have been able to help underprivileged students from all over the country gain access to resources such as books, school infrastructure, stationery, and uniforms. Below are some stories that might inspire you:

A Nonprofit Educational Institute In Myanmar Built A New Campus!

Two friends from across the world celebrated their birthday in a special way

Mradul raised funds for sponsor an underprivileged boy’s education

Antarang foundation changed the lives of 500 teenagers

17000 ft foundation is changing Ladakh with it’s stories in Bhoti

2. Medical fundraisers


To receive the diagnosis of a fatal disease is rather devastating not just for the sufferers, but also for their family and friends. Expensive medical treatments, hospital bills, medication, and tests are not afforded by many families, and because of that.. people are losing their lives.

The harsh reality is that medical insurance and loans are not sufficient to combat these financial problems. We’d like to share the stories of some of the bravest campaigners who’ve been able to overcome their financial medical challenges through medical crowdfunding. If you know anyone who needs medical financial support, don’t hesitate to start a fundraiser for them.

Waiter’s daughter Sampriti s on her way to recovery from leukemia

17 year old Navin won over cancer with a bone marrow transplant

After a fatal train accident here’s how Saurabh survived

Saving lives, two at a time

How the world came together to fund Keerthisha's heart surgery

3. Fundraisers for creative projects


At Impact Guru, we believe that art can be an important catalyst for social change and positive development. Pressing issues and gaps that hold us back as a progressive society can be addressed through quality content delivered to the masses. However, artists are sometimes limited by financial constraints and budgets. If you’re an artist who believes that your work will have a positive impact on society, be an Impact Guru campaigner to fund your project. Here’s a story to inspire you:

A young director’s vision was funded in 20 days!

4. Nonprofit initiatives


India is still brimming with pressing social issues, and the need for charitable and philanthropic activities isn’t going away anytime soon. Crowdfunding websites have given people, organizations, and NGOs a platform to quickly and easily raise funds, as well as awareness about social matters that require attention.

Indonesian women were empowered with a new vision

Survivors of violence and sexual abuse were given a new life

This cafe is going to be run by adults with developmental difficulties

How mukti empowered women in red light areas

This single mother rides from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

Always wanted to give back to society but can’t donate and don’t know where to start? All you have to do is set-up a campaign on Impact Guru! There’s never a better time to do good.

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