How To Be An Active Bystander In The World Of Crowdfunding

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 27, 2021

Bystanders are people who passively observe an incident and walk away. On the other hand, an active bystander takes his time in analysing the problem at hand and then comes up with a variety of solutions to solve that problem. However, they don’t rush straight in to save the day.

We see and hear about so many stories on the internet of people asking for financial support during medical emergencies. For the past few years, Impact Guru has been a platform for these people wherein they come forward to ask for help and receive donations from generous donors online who help them raise funds for their medical bills. Learn how they managed to do this, here.  

These people need all our support during times like these. They need as much help as they can get. What else can you do apart from donating to a fundraiser? Here are some things you can do:

  1. Sharing the fundraiser 

Share the fundraiser on your social media. People are always willing to help. We just need to spread the word. Making people aware about a particular campaign will bring in more donations. 

Remember even if for some reason you are unable to donate, sharing the fundraiser will make a lot of difference. 

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  1. Starting a support fundraiser

A campaigner may sometimes find it difficult to raise funds on their own. It’s possible that the campaigner may need the funds for an important surgery or for chemotherapy. Time is crucial in such times and the treatment cost may run into lakhs of rupees or even crores . 

A support fundraiser is usually started to help the campaigner raise a certain amount of the main goal amount. Once the support fundraiser achieves its goal amount, the funds are added to the main fundraiser. It helps in reaching a wider target audience which would help the fundraiser raise funds quickly. 

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  1. Connect with the campaigner

There will always be more than one way to help. Get in touch with the campaigner of the fundraiser and find out ways in which you can help apart from donating. 

You could help in creating a social media page for their fundraiser or you could also help in managing their existing social media page. Liking, commenting and sharing every social media post of the fundraiser will help the post appear to more users on the network which would in turn bring more donations. 

If we all act as active bystanders to every situation, a lot can change. In terms of crowdfunding, an active bystander will put in his best efforts to help the fundraiser reach its goal. He will have a huge role in the fundraiser’s success. So, do you have what it takes to be an active bystander?

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