How Donors Made Surgery Possible For These Patients Through Crowdfunding

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: July 17, 2021

Knowing they will find the support they need, every day patients log on to ImpactGuru to start fundraisers to pay off their medical bills. And rightly so. When they have reached out to ask for help, there have been hundreds and thousands of people around the country who have understood and empathized with the patient’s story. You can start a fundraiser on our platform and generous donors online will help you raise funds for your surgery. Here is how they were able to do it. 

Here are 3 patients who managed to raise funds and got their surgery with the generosity and well-wishes of their donors:

  1. Donors helped Moreshwar Koyalikar undergo heart surgery

Moreshwar Sopan Koyalikar, was suffering from fatal heart disease and urgently needed to undergo open-heart surgery. 

He needed Rs.8,00,000 for his open heart surgery and postoperative procedures. 

Throughout his professional career, he worked with authorized medicine distributors as a delivery boy to deliver medicine to various medical shops. Due to his health issues, he was not able to work for the last four years. 

Source: Unsplash

Latest update: 

Here is what the message said:

“Dear donors,

Thank you for all your love and blessings for Mr. Moreshwar's treatment. 

With your support, he has undergone open heart surgery successfully and he is stable.

Your help came as a blessing for him and the family can't appreciate enough what you've done for them. Thank you for saving a life. God bless you all.”


Deepak Joshi (well wisher of Moreshwar Koyalikar)

  1. Baby Reyansh undergoes eye surgery with the support of donors

Baby Reyansh was suffering from eye disorder and urgently needed eye surgery.

His father, Hitesh Goher, wanted funds to continue the treatment which was costing them Rs 5 lakhs. 

Latest update: 

Here is what the message said:

“Dear Donors,

Thank you for your concern and your donations for Reyansh.

So, we are here to inform you that baby Reyansh has been planned to undergo eye surgery on July 15, 2021. 

The family requests you to keep praying for his good health and speedy recovery.”

  1. How donors helped Sudhakar get his lung surgery

Sudhakar Reddy was suffering from a lung ailment. He was supposed to undergo lobectomy lung surgery. I am getting treated at Apollo Hospital, Visakhapatnam. 

The treatment was costing him Rs 11,00,000 and he needed funds to continue the treatment.

Latest update: 

Here is what the message said:

Dear Donors,

Mr. Sudhakar has been discharged from the hospital. He is doing much better now and expects to make a full recovery. 

The doctors have advised him to take complete rest and follow the medications treatment with timely follow-ups.

Please pray for his good health and speedy recovery. Thank you again!

If you or a person you know is facing a medical emergency and it is becoming difficult to afford the cost of surgery, you can start a fundraiser on our platform and generous donors from all over the world will help you raise funds for your surgery. The process only takes 5 minutes. 

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