How To Choose The Right Crowdfunding Platform

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 08, 2020

Crowdfunding is the newest way to raise funds. Crowdfunding can be started for various reasons. To have a successful crowdfunding campaign, one needs to decide on a fundraiser host. This host or crowdfunding platform is from where you’ll take your fundraiser ahead. It’s crucial to choose the right crowdfunding platform

Here are a few important factors to consider before deciding, 

Fundraiser Category

Before choosing a crowdfunding platform, it’s important to determine your crowdfunding category. It’s the purpose of your fundraiser. Why are you starting a fundraiser, what is the need or the cause.

There are various types of crowdfunding, creative, medical, personal, start-up, etc., not all crowdfunding platforms support all types of crowdfunding. Therefore it’s important to determine the cause first.

ImpactGuru is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms which supports all types of crowdfunding. Start a fundraiser now.

Professional Assistance


The crowdfunding platform you choose must have professional assistance. Crowdfunding is still a developing concept in India. Even after all the research you do, assistance from the crowdfunding platform helps more.

ImapctGuru assists you in starting a fundraiser campaign; fundraiser story, image, video at a minimal fee. We also offer fundraiser tips.

It is also important that the platform offers assistance during the campaign. ImpactGuru offers 24/7 online assistance throughout the campaign. So you are never alone in the process.

Platform Fee


Crowdfunding platforms charge for their services. It is vital before choosing a platform that you check their prices and fees. Generally, such platforms charge on a percentage basis.

Crowdfunding can be started at ImpactGuru at a 0% fee. Learn more about prices and fees 

Payment Methods

A successful fundraiser is parallel to the money raised. The platform you choose must allow an easy payment gateway for donors. Payment flexibility and options invite more donors and make the donation process easier. Many platforms don’t accept international payment methods. At ImpactGuru we have flexible payment methods and we also accept international cards. Which leads to a wide fundraiser reach.

ImpactGuru also offers instant 80G, which gives tax benefits for the donation made. 

Here are Top Online Platforms for Fundraising and Crowdfunding. 

Success Stories Of The Platform


When you check a Crowdfunding Platfrom’s success stories, you will understand how experienced and established the crowdfunding platform is. This aspect of your platform will help maximize the reach of your fundraiser. Even though there are other ways of maximizing fundraiser reach but crowdfunding platform plays an important role.

With 1500 Cr. Raised, 5 lakh+ lives saved, and over 10 Lakh+ donors, ImpactGuru is one of the leading medical crowdfunding platforms in India, 

After choosing the right platform, the second most important step is to launch your campaign. Read tips to make your crowdfunding successful to raise the required funds for your cause.