How To Build A Fundraising Team And Have Fun While Doing It

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: February 10, 2021

You are fundraising to launch a movie, to support a charity or you are raising funds for summer camp, one of the most effective ways to run a fundraiser is to build a team. Build a team around you who believe in your cause, are as motivated as you, have skills, and include professionals from the fundraising platform you’ve chosen. 

Do you really need a team?

  • The process of helping someone can be so much fun with people with the same goal.
  • Each person is invested in the process. If one person is demotivated, other members can help him stay focused. Team members can also start a support-fundraiser to support the ongoing fundraiser. It is a unique way of supporting and raising funds. 
  • Your social contacts are multiplied by the number of team members.
  • “None of us is as smart as all of you” - Ken Blanchard
  • The smooth running of the process with task distribution.

Recruiting Members

Form a team with people who have a common goal. This will keep the fundraiser focused in one direction. Working with like-minded people also promotes a healthy environment. You can recruit members based on their skills, location, interest or experience. If you are fundraising for a beach clean-up in your area, then a good way to hire team members would be to hire them based on their location. This way, you can have a meeting and keep each other updated whenever necessary. If your fundraiser is about raising funds for a summer camp, then the best-suited members would be your classmates. 

Assigning Tasks

After you have a team ready, identify their characteristics. Each individual has a unique set of skills that can be used in fundraising. A creative individual can help in building your fundraiser and designing it, a social media enthusiast can help to promote uniquely using hashtags and stories, a visionary can help convey your story through an image and a video in the best possible manner. If you have an extrovert in your group, she can handle communication with your platform and your donors and if you have an introvert on board, he can handle behind the scenes, read confessions of an introvert. A great way to manage the fundraiser would be to create support for fundraisers on ImpactGuru. If you aim to raise INR 5 lakh, your team can create 5 support fundraisers with the aim of raising INR 1 lakh each.

Planning Your Fundraiser

After you have assigned tasks for every team member, give me a timeline. Decide on what date do you want to launch your fundraiser on and how and when will you post updates, how many posts will you upload on social media weekly, offline promotion of your fundraiser and managing donations. Make a plan and stick to it. 

Having a professional on board will strengthen your fundraiser

We understand that when dealing with a fairly novel concept like fundraising, it can sometimes be challenging to manage. Our panel of fundraising experts have dealt with thousands of unique fundraisers and can help you too. They help campaigners with donor management and personalized queues among other services, to help raise funds faster. 

Working in a team accelerates the process of fundraising in terms of researching, planning, promoting, and having fun while doing it. At ImpactGuru, we encourage teamwork and aim at achieving remarkable results. Read about 4 social media tactics for efficient fundraising.