How Successful Is Crowdfunding!

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: May 05, 2021

While in western countries like the UK and US, crowdfunding is a fairly known concept, India is still getting acquainted. In our country of 1.3 billion people, crowdfunding although unheard of, can contribute to several medical personal, and social causes. We at ImpactGuru mainly cater to the campaigners looking for donation-based crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding can be explained through something as simple as a donation box at a local store. Anyone and everyone is free to donate with full disclosure of the cause and usage of funds. On a larger scale, such a practice can do wonders for those in need of funds for medical emergencies. With the help of online donations pouring in, ImpactGuru has successfully helped raise funds for over 20000 patients. If you are in need of funds, crowdfunding is a simple process.

How does crowdfunding work?

The process of online crowdfunding can be explained in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1 - Start a fundraiser in 5 minutes

It takes 5 minutes to start a fundraiser on ImpactGuru crowdfunding platform. All you have to do is enter your basic details, submit your documentation, and there you go! Your fundraiser will be live to thousands of potential donors!

Step 2 - Share your fundraiser on social media 

While we foster a donor-base of over 1 million, sharing your fundraiser across social media will only widen your outreach outside of your circle. This will help you reach your goal amount faster especially in emergencies. 

Step 3 - Receive donations from 165 countries

Once your fundraising campaign is posted on and shared on other social media platforms, you will receive funds from all over the world. Donors from 165 countries worldwide have showed love and support to ImpactGuru campaigns. 

Step 4 - Transfer funds directly to the hospital

As the funds start pouring into your hospital account, you will be able to start the treatment. Hospitals often allow payment deposits in installments, in other words, make part-payments. You can request a partial or full fund withdrawal even before you reach the goal amount. Your funds will directly be transferred to the hospital with no complicated processes involved. 

ImpactGuru has proven to be one of the best crowdfunding sites for medical expenses.  
Here are some notable crowdfunding examples of lives saved through fundraising on our platform. 

Nearly 400 donors came forward to help Kshitija Fand 

Only at the age of 25, both her kidneys failed. Kshitija’s family was devastated to hear the news. Dialysis could no longer sustain her as she needed an urgent kidney transplant to survive. Upon a doctor’s recommendation, her parents started a fundraiser for their daughter’s transplant. Kshitija received overwhelming support from about 400 donors and was able to raise Rs 15 lakh for her kidney transplant. 

Thousands of donors helped save Gurugram vegetable vendor’s son from cancer! 

In June 2020, Krish was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with persistent fever and a body full of rashes. As his condition worsened day by day, the doctors informed his father that Krish needed a bone marrow transplant worth Rs 26 lakh to survive. With an income of Rs 200 per day, his father Parveen was in shambles. A ray of hope appeared when they started a fundraising campaign to save their little boy and received overwhelming support from thousands of donors. 2000 people shared Krish’s fundraiser to finally help him undergo a transplant. 

282 donors helped young Fazil get a kidney transplant 

In 2018, 14-year-old Fazil was put on dialysis after both his kidneys failed completely after battling kidney kidney disease for 5 years. The little boy’s life turned around when his parents started a fundraiser for his kidney transplant. Within 2 weeks, Fazil received 75% of his funds for the transplant. Fazil leads a pain-free life today.  

We also provide 24x7 crowdfunding assistance in case of any queries about starting your fundraiser. These are just a few among over 5 lakh lives impacted at ImpactGuru. Timely treatment with quick fund collection have been major contributing factors that have saved thousands of lives across India.  

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