How Sonali Bendre's positive Instagram stories are an inspiration for cancer patients

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: December 21, 2018

We all go through hardships, whether a common man or the star, Sonali Behl Bendre. The 43 year old actress fits to be an epitome of the saying, “cancer may have started the fight, but I will end it.” 

Sonali’s resilient survival story began in around July when a complaining pain distressed her, post which, a few tests revealed she was living with metastatic cancer a.k.a high-grade cancer. This form of cancer spreads from the tumour and spreads to all parts of the body through the lymphatic system or blood. 

Undergoing the painful treatment and struggle in USA, Sonali has embraced her condition by taking to Instagram with a bold attitude that cancer is only to be a chapter in her story and not the story of her life. 

In Sonali’s first post from the journey that she shared with the world,she quoted, “when you expect the least, life throws you a curveball.” As she was on her way for the treatment, she waved goodbye to India. Stating she was going to take this battle heads on, with the strength and support of her loved ones behind her.


While the biggest dilemma for a cancer patient is putting their child up to terms with their condition, Sonali and her husband Goldie Behl went through the same. hey weren’t honest with their 12 year son Ranveer at first. 

The news took to their wonder about how children are even more resilient than we give them credit for. “He took the news so maturely and instantly became a source of strength and positivity for me. In some situations, he reverses roles and takes on being the parent, reminding me of things I need to do.” She says it is important to involve kids in a situation like this and she writes on… sonali-bendre-instagram-storiesBeing in the entertainment industry, she expressed that everybody expected her to look good. However, as the cancer progressed, so did her self-doubt and low self-esteem. Unable to hide the side-effects of cancer, her wish to look good was self-answered as she realised one must look good only for themselves.

Her encouraging post mentions, “If I’m in the mood to wear a scarf, I will. If I want to walk around bald and free, I will. It is always important to do what works out the best for you and nobody can judge what’s wrong or right for one.”

sonali-bendre- instagraam-stories

Fearing that the ailment would take over her body doomed Sonali for the initial months. The therapies were rigorous and felt like a cycle of physical pain, followed by mental and emotional suffering. The battle was long, with days where even moving a finger or laughing would hurt. 

All that was constant through the journey was the positivity that she was going to get through this ailment. Using #OneDayAtATime as a hashtag, she intended on spreading motivation amidst the community that is battling cancer. 

 She concluded the stories stating the importance of self-care and how her focus remains in getting better and going home as soon as she can. “It is yet another test in life, I am a student all my life and I am learning all my life.” 


Even today,cancer is the reason behind 7 Lakh deaths in India.. Being one of the most expensive diseases to cure, cancer care in India is a luxury most people are unable to afford. 

As Sonali Bendre’s positive and brave survival story teaches us to never give up on life most patients in India fall fate to the monetary end despite of having the right approach to dealing with cancer. 

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