How Proton Therapy Can Help Cancer Patients

By: Milton, Chiara

Published On: June 29, 2021

Cancer is a disease that can affect any person and can enter anybody’s life without any indication of its arrival. Cancer, as we all know, is the abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body. Cancer is a nightmare not only for the patient but also for their families and friends. It is such a disease that not only affects the patient’s body but can also have a lasting impact on their mental wellbeing. It can also be financially difficult to afford cancer treatments. There are many crowdfunding platforms in India which can assist in raising funds for cancer treatments. It’s quite simple to understand the concept, here is how it works.

What are some treatments for cancer? 

Treatments depend on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and so on. All of these treatments come with their own side effects and may be difficult for most people to afford. 

What is proton therapy? 

It is a form of radiation therapy which uses energy from positively charged particles called protons. A machine sends these particles through your skin and into the tumor and the area around it. These protons destroy cancer cells.  Proton therapy is applied to treat prostate, pancreas, head, neck tumors, liver, breasts and other types of cancers. 

Why is there an increase in patients resorting to proton therapy?

  • Proton therapy is known to have fewer side effects than other traditional radiation therapies. 
  • It delivers a high dose to a  specific area which minimizes damage to other healthy skin tissues of patients unlike X-rays which tend to affect healthy tissues.

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Is proton therapy available in India?

Yes it is available. In 2019, India became the 16th country to launch proton therapy for the treatment of cancer. Globally there are only 120 proton beam therapy machines, one of which is available at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. 

The proton therapy treatment will soon be made available at Tata Memorial Centre, Kharghar by mid-2021. (Source: The Free Press Journal

Cost of the treatment:

The entire proton therapy cost in India is around Rs 25-30 lakh per patient. It also depends on the cycles of treatment. The type and stage of cancer also affects the overall cost of the treatment. This doesn’t include other costs like medicines, hospital charges, pre/post radiation therapy tests and treatment and other additional treatments. 

India is known to offer affordable packages for proton therapy treatment. 

The cost for proton therapy at some centres in Europe is known to cost as much as Rs 5 crore according to Dr Prathap C Reddy, chairman, Apollo Hospitals. (Source: Times of India)

How can crowdfunding help with your proton therapy treatment? 

When you need the help to pay off these treatment bills you can consider crowdfunding for your proton therapy treatment. It involves a no payback policy. At Impact Guru, many cancer patients have successfully funded their treatments. It only takes 5 minutes to get started. 

Here are some cancer patients who successfully raised funds for their treatment at Impact Guru

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