How ImpactGuru Makes Fundraising Quicker

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: January 29, 2021

Fundraising takes sustained efforts right from start to finish. Whether it is an emergency or not, to achieve the desired goal amount involves campaigners need to make sure their fundraisers are being shared and donors are constantly kept informed about the progress of the patient or cause they are supporting. In certain instances, having funds come in fast is essential as dealing with emergencies such as accidents and surgeries need solutions that are time effective. ImpactGuru fundraising platform equips you with tools that can help you create an effective fundraiser in no time. 

Set up your fundraiser in less than 5 minutes at!

Step 1 - Start a fundraiser

Start your own fundraiser for free on our platform. The tools on our fundraising website will help you achieve your goal amount seamlessly. NGOs, families, and individual campaigners can set up a fundraiser on our platform. 

Step 2 - Share details

At ImpactGuru we encourage you to share essential documents like KYC and medical documents for the treatment so that your fundraising process is smoother, and faster. Withdrawal of funds in one step, in particular, needs to happen with speed since hospitals may require the funds urgently to start treatment. At points like these having all documents shared systematically helps speed the process up. 

Step 3 - Direct fund transfer to the hospital

You can transfer the funds directly to the hospital once you enter the details of your source on our website. While some campaigners withdraw funds after reaching the goal amount, the fundraisers with medical emergencies keep withdrawing funds to pay off the medical bills in intervals. 

Fund the entire amount within days or hours!

The donors on our ImpactGuru platform are more than willing to extend a helping hand in times of emergencies. Potential donors will heed your pleas and causes within a matter of days or even hours. Amit Shenoy was diagnosed with blood cancer after battling liver failure. Having depleted all their savings, his wife made an appeal for her husband’s stem-cell transplant. Within 24 hours, the donors responded to his deteriorating plight and helped raise money for his treatment. Another such case is that of 28-year-old Arjit Singh. Suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the young bright man was in urgent need of a stem-cell transplant. It was only a matter of a week that donors came to his rescue and helped raise Rs 59 lakh! 

 All you need to do is reach out far and wide. Tell your story loud and clear! 

Here are a few tips that ImpactGuru campaigners can keep in mind before starting their fundraiser.

1. Make sure you cover the information for the basic questions about your fundraiser. Focus on the ‘whys’ to leave out any loophole or doubt in your donors. Your cause and story must answer all their questions. 

2. List down ALL your expenses. Show them the breakdown of your expenses and mention what they will contribute to. Avoid skipping any details about the beneficiary. This will only help you earn the trust of your donors and legitimize your cause and raise funds faster. 

3. Start by spreading the word to your inner circle about your fundraiser. Acquaintances are likely to donate sooner than strangers on the internet who came across your campaign may. 

4. Be steadfast in posting updates as and when you achieve benchmarks to keep the donors engaged and motivated to help you reach the goal amount for your fundraiser. 

Fundraising being a new concept, can be challenging but we at ImpactGuru make sure that the features and services we offer you can raise funds faster and more easily. . With our digital tools and expert crowdfunding tips, you will be able to cater to your cause faster and better. Start a fundraiser on our platform and see for yourself!