How Fundraising Helped These Women Activists Lead the Change They Want To See

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: March 07, 2021

Every year, on all forums, we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. Women from a myriad of fields of work are lauded and applauded for their achievements. Across the globe, the day marks the celebration of the strength and resilience women have showcased. Women emerging from glass ceilings, the do-gooders, the taboo-breakers - are all to be celebrated! 

Sunita Krishnan spearheads Prajwala, an organization that has helped liberate 24,000 women and girls from sex slavery since 1996. 

The 29-year-old lawyer Trisha Shetty has fought cases of rape and assault against women and advocates holistic women’s rights. 

Nevina Kamath with a Masters Degree in Environment of Ecology has taken to the ‘problem of plenty’ for stray animals and rigorously works towards animal welfare. 

Viji Penkootu drove change with ‘Right to Sit’ for the female shop workers in Kerala and later went on to propagate a movement for a conducive working environment for women. 

As part of the spirit of fundraising, we at ImpactGuru are focused on making a positive social impact as well as give others who share the same belief, a platform to support them. 3 remarkable women came to ImpactGuru and through their fundraiser 

Among many, these are the few prominent women who have chosen to challenge the society and made a huge difference.| google images

Making for half the world population, women play a crucial role in creating a more peaceful world. With the fire to empower women, thousands of modern-day Mahatma Jyotiba Phules and Ramabai Ranades who have dedicated themselves to bringing about a change.

On this day, we throw the spotlight on women who have made conscientious efforts to make the world a better place through fundraising at ImpactGuru. These women shall not remain unsung! 

Vruti Patel Solved Period Poverty

Vruti from Ahmedabad changed the lives of hundreds of school-going girls one sanitary pad at a time. At the young age of 24, she quit her job only to move to her hometown in Gujrat to make an impact. She undertook the initiative with the NGO Ecoflo which aims to spread awareness about safe and hygienic menstruation practices in rural villages. With the aim of raising Rs 1 lakh to supply women in her village with sanitary napkins, she started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru. Her efforts shined as they held their first distribution drive in October 2020. 

Rajani Shetty Aims to Shelter 500+ Stray Dogs 

Mangalore-based woman Rajani wakes up at 5 AM to prepare food for 500+ dogs. Every single day without fail, she sets out on her scooter with buckets of food feeding the strays in a radius of 150 km of her vicinity. Her devotion to animals is boundless. For over 13 years, she has been feeding stray animals. With the dream of building a shelter for all the dogs and stray animals to provide them with proper food and medication, Rajani started a fundraiser for Rs 35 lakh for an animal shelter and a rescue vehicle. 

Women-led Project Mukti Turns Sex Workers into Entrepreneurs 

Mukti Sanitary Pad Project is a social enterprise run by women who manufacture sanitary pads at an affordable price. The women spearheading the project belong to the redlight district of Kalighat in Kolkata. The initiative aimed to liberate 15 women to deliver pads and up their sales force. They wished to put together bicycles with baskets to carry and deliver pads along with 6 months of stock. Fierce in their endeavour, they ended up raising over Rs 8.5 lakh on ImpactGuru fundraising platform within 99 days. 

These women chose to challenge the societal disparities and worked towards making a better tirelessly to make a positive impact in various arenas. They voiced their concerns and inspired several like-minded people to contribute to their noble cause. 

A concrete cause calls for some concrete support. This Woman’s Day, #helpHERflyHigh to make the world a better place for women. Start a fundraiser for your cause and be the change you want to see around you.