How Does The Magic Of Crowdfunding Work?

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 22, 2021

Crowdfunding has been a savior for many people who were in need of funds for their medical treatment. It is a ray of hope before which they had no way out. Most of the people who opt for crowdfunding have spent their savings, their insurance doesn’t cover the treatment, or their medical requirements are urgent to take a loan.

To work the magic of crowdfunding doesn’t require any spells, just a few steps,


Dheeraj Shettigar, a young man managed to raise money on ImpactGuru for his father’s heart surgery overnight! He raised around 3 lakhs and proved that the magic of crowdfunding works

Another success story is about Puja, who needed a liver transplant urgently. Her husband managed to raise 25 lakhs in 39 days with donations pouring in from all over. So, what is it that they did differently from a usual crowdfunding fundraiser?


Use of Facebook and WhatsApp Groups

Dheeraj said that over 75% of the contributions came from WhatsApp and Facebook. He also asked and encouraged re-sharing from which the remaining 25% came from. This made his fundraiser reach his contacts as well as strangers which worked like magic.

Crowdfunding experts say that the two hours of fundraiser can make a huge difference in how the fundraiser goes ahead. Dheeraj started sharing his fundraiser, the minute it went live.


Staying Attentive

Dheeraj was constantly available online and on call for his donors. Many people doubted the authenticity of the story and many are new to the idea of crowdfunding but Dheeraj was there to make sure he doesn’t lose out on a single donor. He was available and active on all platforms.

Being inattentive might lead to losing donors and in turn, could be a loss for your fundraiser.

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Engaging Story

The first thing that Puja’s husband Anurag did when he started his fundraiser was that he wrote an engaging story. He wrote with transparency about his struggles and problems, asking for funds with empathy. A good story can be a game-changer for your fundraiser. Read about Fundraising campaign: A Complete Guide.


Involving Family and Friends

Anurag not only shared his fundraiser online but also included his family and friends in the fundraiser. He contacted old friends and colleagues which broadened his fundraiser’s reach. All of his supporters together shared his fundraiser which led to its ultimate success.


Using the Right Crowdfunding Platform

Dheeraj and Anurag and a few of the many successful medical crowdfunding examples on ImpactGuru. You must choose a platform that has experience and support during your difficult times of fundraising.

ImpactGuru is India’s leading crowdfunding platform. ImpactGuru has vast experience in medical crowdfunding and fundraising. Our fundraisers are filled with success stories of medical fundraising for various medical causes like cancer, transplant, surgeries, etc.

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