How Do You Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 14, 2020

Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money for any cause, personal or social. It is a growing idea in India and has proved to be successful for many who have chosen to crowdfund in the past. When crowdfunding it is only normal to see the momentum in your fundraiser fluctuate. At that point you may find yourself wondering of things you can do to make sure your fundraiser makes an impact. Sometimes adding new information through updates and images ma

While doing the routine of making sure that your fundraiser is up-to-date, these are some of the things to keep in mind to ensure a successful fundraising campaign.

Launching and running a successful fundraiser can be divided into 4 steps.


Connect With Your Donors

Your story needs a combination of facts and emotions. The more you express yourself and how you feel about the project, the more your donors will be able to connect with you on a personal level. Backing it up with facts only instills more faith and confidence. Not everyone may be fully aware of your cause, so making sure the details are in place can help understand the details of it better. Another important part of writing your story is adding a title. When you share your fundraiser on social media, your image and your title will be visible. Your title should be the core of your cause. a sentence that connects your potential donors to read your story.

It is also very vital that you upload clear, clean images. In the case of medical fundraising, upload an image of the patient, before and after the illness. This image will be the first thing that your donors will see; your image needs to tell a story in itself. Don’t shy away, it’s okay to overshare. Here are more fundraiser tips

Promote Your Fundraiser

Share the link of your fundraiser on WhatsApp groups & on your WhatsApp status. Email it to your colleagues. In addition to sharing, request your followers to share it with their circles too. The more people know about your cause and how urgently you need the funds, the better are the chances of your fundraiser reaching its goal. Successful crowdfunding is the result of its reach.

Update Your Donors With Your Progress

Think of this as a continuation of your story. After you start receiving donations, update your donors about the progress of your cause or patient and how he/she is doing now. Keep your story updated for your existing donors and also for your potential donors. By doing this you build a conversation with your donors and they are always willing to hear you out. 

Raising money with crowdfunding is a simple process. To make it successful you need to pay attention to these key four components. If you’re looking to make a difference in this time this could help you. 

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