How Do I Join Crowdfunding In India? The How, What, And Where

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 11, 2021

Crowdfunding is a simple process of funding a cause by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Crowdfunding can be started for any purpose, a venture, a project, education, film-making, charity, and many more. Crowdfunding is an old phenomenon but the crowdfunding we know today is conducted online, through various crowdfunding platforms/websites.


What Is Crowdfunding?

Online crowdfunding is a developing phenomenon in India as compared to other countries. Thus, the only type of crowdfunding legal in India is donation-based crowdfunding. This is one of the most popular types of crowdfunding around the world. Here, the campaigner (the one who is crowdfunding) is not required to pay back the funds received. All you have to give back is a thank you, at ImpactGuru we religiously practice the act of thanking. Moreover, even the donors donate money for the campaigner’s cause with the sole reason of supporting and expecting nothing in return but the campaigner’s health and success. 


A fundraiser can be started for any cause, personal, charity, or medical, Here are some great fundraising ideas.


How Can I Crowdfund? 


Crowdfunding is an extremely simple process! You can start a crowdfunding campaign in 5 minutes or less on ImpactGuru. All you have to mention is a few important details about your cause, why you need the funds, how much do you need, which will be the crux of your story. You can also a relevant image and a video to communicate your story in a better way. Share your campaign across your contacts and on social media platforms and watch the donations pouring in. Read Crowdfunding explained:3 simple steps for a deeper understanding of the process. 


Where Can I Start Crowdfunding?

Start a fundraiser at ImpactGuru, India’s leading medical crowdfunding platform. We support all types of fundraisers, whether you want to raise funds for your education, medical bills, or a personal venture, ImpactGuru is the platform for you. We also provide the best professional help, expert services, fundraising advice, and other services that can add value to your fundraiser and help you fundraise faster and better.


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