Here's how Rakshabandhan 2020 looked like

By: Tasneem, Nisha

Published On: August 03, 2020


The best part about living in a country like ours is the abundance of festivals that we see almost every month. The amount of diversity that surrounds us, is both something to look forward to as well as something that gets us all excited. Raksha Bandhan, predominantly a Hindu festival is no longer seen as just that. It has become a symbol of sibling love and protection for each other. In India, everybody celebrates Raksha Bandhan with great enthusiasm. On ImpactGuru as well, we had seen a number of campaigners who started fundraisers for their siblings and helped them get the greatest gift, that is a second chance at life. 

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Now, let's come to Raksha Bandhan 2020!


Celebrations could have changed but the culture didn't. And it will always remain the same. While some got lucky in celebrating this festival with their family for the first time after years, many others could have felt the geographical distance to come in the way of their most treasured moment. However, we Indians, after all, aren't the ones to give up easily. So, this is what we feel, would have been the new way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan amid Covid-19, social distancing, pandemic scare etc. 


1) E-cards: That's the first thing and the very basic one, right? The easiest way to express your love for your sibling. These days, there is no dearth of design options that one can get to surprise our loved ones. We believe, this option would have definitely topped the chart.

2) Rakhi delivered, with love: You were back-calculating for this, weren't you? August 3rd is the D-Day; you would have planned it ahead with a day or two as buffer, in case the rakhi couldn't be delivered on time due to Covid-19 scenario. So, when did your brother receive it, finally? And how did the virtual Rakhi tying ceremony look like? 

3) Video compilation: We presume your phone is running out of space now, firstly because of the old, funny, embarrasing and cherished memories that you had to gather from the albums; and secondly, due to the different video-making tools you had to use to get a stellar compilation done for the day! We got this right.

4) Some yummy food: The way to one's home and heart is through food. We have all heard this. So, what did you order for your sibling? He or she would have opened the door to be greeted by an amazing surprise: Desert or Pizza? Indian or Italian cuisine? (By the way, how many of you ordered it correctly? We hope you put the right address and did not order it to your own place instead of your sibling's. Guilty?)

5) Video call: When meetings, work, engagement ceremonies, schooling, projects, binge-watching are happening over video calls, we hope you two could find time today and relived all those years of growing together, revisiting those moments of fighting with each other and fighting for each other? How did you catch up? On Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp?


Did we miss anything? Do let us know. And we wish you once again, a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

The lockdown has been tough on everybody, but it is important to start normalizing our lives a little and make sure that we value the people close to us. The distance will never come in the way like it didn't in this year's Raksha Bandhan celebrations; all you need to do is find quirky ways to celebrate festivals of 2020 with renewed enthusiasm!