Fundraising: The best way to celebrate world justice day

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: February 20, 2021

UN (United Nations) World Justice Day, observed on 20 February addresses social justice and recognizes issues such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and more. On this day The United Nations raise awareness on promoting human rights, removing social barriers based on race, gender, or religion, and standing up for the rights of migrants, the disabled, and the elderly which are among the themes of any given year.

At ImpactGruru we celebrate justice and equality every day with our campaigners and donors. The generosity of our donors to help someone completely unknown keeps us going. With fundraising, we can start raising funds for people in dire need of money for their medical treatments, surgeries, and personal crisis. Today, on World Justice Day, let’s fundraise to make an enormous difference in someone’s life, here’s how it works.


Your domestic help’s husband might have lost his job, your security guard may not have enough money for dinner or your cleaner might have lost his home because he couldn't pay his rent. There are many people around you who are living under the heavy burden of financial stress. As citizens and humans who can feel and see their challenges, it’s our duty to help them. We may not always be financially able enough to help them with their needs but we can contribute little and ask others to contribute whatever little they can, which will grow into an amount large enough to help them in their tough times. This is exactly what fundraising is, on this day, lend a helping hand to people around who need your help the most. 


We love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and festivals, throwing a party, receiving gifts, meeting friends and family. What if we told you that there is a different way to celebrate, which will give you more joy than any party you have ever had. On ImpactGuru you can celebrate days with people who need to feel happy, hopeful, and content the most. Start a fundraiser starting a few days before your celebration, ending it on that day. Raise funds for someone who needs a little celebration in their lives, support tree plantation in your area, raise funds for cleaners in your society, buy Diwali gifts for your helpers, help someone pay their school fee, or raise funds to feed stray animals. There is so much you can do to celebrate with others!


There are so many people around us who are in need of a better life in terms of basic necessities. Proper food, electricity, hygiene, clothing and many such facilities and needs that may seem normal for us are things that many can only desire. In India, 75% live in villages and lead a meager life of labor, only 11% own a refrigerator and 35% cannot read and write. The best that we as fellow citizens can do is to start a fundraiser to help someone live a quality life. You can start a fundraiser to help elderly women treat her ailments that come with age, raise funds for tanker service in a poverty-stricken area around you, or raise funds for a clean-up drive. 

This is the beauty of fundraising, that it does not burden a single soul but rather brings people together to help understand the challenges of other human beings and take action for them. Read fundraising for causes Sarojini Naidu fought for.