Fundraiser Campaign: A Complete Guide

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

A fundraiser Campaign page is where all your donors will be directed. This is the page you set up on a crowdfunding website, which will include details of your crowdfunding. Choosing the right kind of information to put on your campaign page is very important because this is where the people will donate to your cause.

ImpactGuru has many successful fundraising campaigns and the core of good crowdfunding is a great fundraiser campaign.


A fundraiser page consists of five major components:


  1. Campaign Title


This shows at the top of your campaign page. This is what your fundraiser will be called. When you share your fundraiser, this sentence and the banner image are the two things that will be seen.

Your title should be catchy. It should give a gist of your campaign, adding the name of the patient can add a personal touch.

  1. Cost & Time


When you are starting a medical fundraiser, you need to mention the time you require funds. Medical emergencies are often time-bound. You must tell your donors how much time you have.

The funds you need to raise will be mentioned on your fundraiser page. 

  1. Story



The story is a huge part of your fundraiser page. You should start by writing a few lines which help the readers understand what the fundraiser is about. The first few lines should grasp the reader’s attention.

The next part of your story should be the description. Narrate in detail. Start by sharing who you are and where you come from, explain your condition and reason for raising funds.

 It is also important that you tell your supporters where will you use these funds; for medicines, check-ups, treatment, follow-ups, recovery, etc. It will help them feel connected to your cause. 


Here are a few more fundraising tips that can help you under this better.

  1. Banner Image



This image will be the first thing that your potential donors will see. It’s the main visual element of your story. It should be related to the core reason for your fundraiser.

  1. Video



Last but not the least, you should upload a video of your fundraiser. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive. It’s more important that your video tells your story. This video should share your entire written story; it helps build an emotional connection with your donor. This is a chance to show your donors what you are going through and how you are feeling. They are interested in knowing, simply because they care that much.ImpactGuru provides professional assistance throughout the campaign, for your story, image, and video.


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