Fundraiser Campaign: A Complete Guide

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: June 01, 2021

Once you start your fundraiser, the fundraiser page is where all your donors will be directed. This is the page you set up on a crowdfunding website, which will include every detail of your fundraiser. Choosing the right kind of information to put on your campaign page is very important because this is where the people will donate to your cause.

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A fundraiser page consists of five major components:

The Fundraiser Title

The title will show shows at the top of your crowdfunding campaign page. Sum up the purpose of your fundraiser in a few hard-hitting words in the title. Spell out the urgency of your cause and the impact it could have. This will propel the reader to further read your fundraiser story. Keep it crisp and precise.  

The Goal Amount To Reach In Time

When it comes to online fundraising, your potential donors will need to know why your cause is time-sensitive. Highlight the pain points of the cause that you are fundraising for. If it's for a medical cause, mention the exact amount you need for the course of treatment. Stress on the difference their donations will make to the affected. 

The funds you need to raise will be mentioned on your fundraiser page.  

The Story


Whether it is crowdfunding for a personal cause or for a medical cause, it is a must to have a compelling fundraiser story. Firstly, speak about the issues at hand. Keep it short and concise so that the donors don’t lose sight of what’s important. Remember to create a sense of urgency and let the readers know why your cause is time-sensitive. Make a persuasive appeal emphasizing on the challenges you have been facing in this time and stress on the difference that timely funds will make.   It is also important that you tell your supporters where you will use these funds; for medicines, check-ups, treatment, follow-ups, recovery, etc. It will help them feel connected to your cause.  

Here are a few more fundraising tips that can help you understand this better.

Video & Images



Note that the best crowdfunding examples have spectacular visuals to support their cause.  It doesn’t need to be professionally shot - just clear and effective. Click clear pictures of the affected pointing towards why you need funds and how urgent it is. What a video can do is give your donor a look into your life and understand you better. What a story or image can’t show in detail, a video will. A captivating video can help you gain more attention among the donors. ImpactGuru provides 24x7 crowdfunding assistance throughout the campaign, for your story, image, and video including other concerns.


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