Friendship Day 2018: 4 Friendships That Impacted And Saved Lives

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: August 05, 2018

This Friendship Day, we acknowledge remarkable friendships that Impact Guru campaigners have displayed for their near and dear ones.

What do you do on Friendship Day? When you were a kid, you probably exchanged inexpertly made friendship wristbands with your classmates, promising to stay friends for life. When you were a teenager or a college student, you probably either ignored the “cheesy” event altogether (we don’t blame you). Perhaps you threw a party because let’s face it, you were just looking for an excuse to throw one back then.

We dedicate this blog to a few friendships that dazzled us; that encouraged people like you to go out of their way to be there for each other or make a wonderful impact together!

Partha and Sanjib

Partha and Sanjib were the best of friends who had grown up together in West Bengal. However, they lost touch eventually as college, jobs, marriage and other milestones slowly pulled them apart, as they do with most childhood friends. Though as children, they had naively sworn to keep in touch, the length of time between their occasional catch-ups increased. 6 years went by with no contact.

In early 2018, Partha arbitrarily began to think of his friend. No photographs, videos or letters had triggered the thought. Rather, it was the sudden realization that he hadn’t spoken to an old friend in a long time, that did. On a whim, he decided to call Sanjib.

However, instead of a pleasantly surprised Sanjib, the call was answered by his subdued wife. Sanjib was suffering end-stage liver disease and had been hospitalized for a while now. Sanjib had two children, and had just started losing his memory. Both his children were far too young to see their father in pain.

Sanjib had been in urgent need of a liver transplant. But his family couldn’t afford it. Unfortunately, Sanjib had been unemployed due to his condition and his wife was unable to support the entire family on her own. Partha was shook and immediately offered to help in every way he could.

Knowing his own contribution alone couldn’t get the family out of their debt, he decided to find a way to rope in everyone they both knew to pitch in. He combed the internet and found our crowdfunding platform. He decided to start a fundraiser for Sanjib’s liver transplant. His emotional appeal was able to raise Rs 18 lakh in a short span of time!

Unfortunately, on March 24th, Sanjib’s condition had worsened to a point his body couldn’t handle and he passed away. Partha and Sanjib’s family were devastated. Though they were unable to save him, Partha’s efforts and the friendship that fueled them are surely admired.

Mayank and Shrija

Mayank had two wishes for his 25th birthday; he wanted a watch as a gift as well as the a over-25 wristband at the NH7 Weekender!

But when he overheard his friends planning the budget of his birthday gift, he realized the money could be used in a much better way. He considered his 25th birthday as a big milestone and thought the day should be celebrated in a unique, meaningful way. That was when he stumbled across the NGO Nanhikali through a client.

Mayank had heard of the organization and was familiar with their work, but hadn’t done much research on them. He was surprised to find out that it cost no more than Rs. 10 to fund a little girl’s education for a day! It was clear to him then that he could turn this birthday into an event that could impact the lives of many without much effort.

At the time, Mayank’s friend Shrija’s 25th birthday was also just around the corner, only a day after his own. Since she was living in the States, their birthdays would overlap. He asked her if she’d like to join him in an effort to support the dreams of Nanhikali’s ambitious little girls. Shrija agreed and boom; their fundraiser was live!Mayank penned down a blog about his thoughts and inspiration and the duo circulated their fundraiser on social media. Though they started with a goal of Rs 30,000, they managed to raise over Rs 75,000 in less than a week’s time! They added in their own donations too, ensuring a year’s education for over 25 girls!

Abhishek, Kavya and Vishal

Alongside training at the NCC, Abhishek was also juggling a part-time job at a call centre. When he would return home in the early hours of the morning, after completing his night shift, his girlfriend Kavya would never fail to call him and ask about his day. But on March 10 when she made the call, there was no answer.

After repeated unsuccessful tries, Kavya began to panic. As she debated with herself over her next move, she received a call from his number. She picked up immediately, feeling relieved, but the person on the other line wasn’t Abhishek. Instead, it was a stranger. “Abhishek met with an accident.

While travelling back from his shift at the call centre, his vehicle had skidded, resulting in a serious injury to his head.

Kavya, Vishal and a few other friends of Abhishek’s rushed to the hospital, to find his unconscious body, left unattended on a bed next to another patient. Shocked by the lack of care given to him, they shifted him to another hospital, where doctors began to work immediately. The next concern for the group was funding his healthcare. His condition was critical; the accident had left Abhishek in a coma, and he needed two brain surgeries to recover. The procedures would cost his family Rs. 10 lakh.

The group began pooling in money, but could collect no more than Rs. 1 lakh, barely making a dent in the hospital bill. Then a friend suggested they turn to crowdfunding, which would enable more of Abhishek’s friends and family members to contribute towards his recovery. Vishal and Kavya quickly wrote a story and created a fundraiser. They used multiple social media platforms to spread the word and managed to raise Rs 8.5 lakh that very night!

Over the next week or so, they were able to raise another Rs 2.5 lakh, enough to pay for the medical care Abhishek required! Today, Abhishek has received both his surgeries and is well on his way to recovery, thanks to his friends’ unending support and love.

Rukmini and DivyaThis duo works together at the content team in our own office. Though the two young women started out as colleagues, over time their similarities drew them together to become close friends, fueled by puppy videos! Both avid animal lovers, they were inspired to give back to the furry community in early May. And what better place to do it than their own workplace!

After 10 months of working in the crowdfunding industry and giving advice on running a fundraiser, Divya was eager to get her hands on the challenge herself. Read more about how she ran the fundraiser here.

Rukmini had joined as a senior content writer 4 months ago, and had been contemplating crowdfunding for a social cause she cared about after seeing it work for many others. Here’s her side of the story.

After reading about the sad plight of tortured and chained elephants across the country, both women agreed to angle their efforts towards Wildlife SOS, an NGO that rehabilitates wild animals in India. In a month, they were able to put their own advice to use and raise Rs 1.3 lakh! Their fundraiser closed in late June and the funds were transferred to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, UP.

“Our fundraiser definitely brought us closer together. We’ve been working together for a while, but working on an effort that doesn’t profit us in any way, a social cause that we both were passionate about was such a rewarding experience!” says Divya.

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