Education Gets Costlier Each Year. But Have You Tried Education Crowdfunding?

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 26, 2021

In practice, crowdfunding for education means crowdfunding for the basic right. At ImpactGuru, we hold the same ideology. But financial constraints often tug at the dreams of young Indian aspirants.  

Why Crowdfund for Education? 

Indian constitution provides the right to education for children between 6 to 14 years of age. 

Despite being a basic right, several socioeconomic factors contribute to the lack of opportunity for proper education across the country.  Only about 32 children out of every 100 are able to complete the necessary schooling. Many circumstances prevent a child from completing education, for instance, Lack of resources, lack of sanitation, quality of education, etc

One of the most effective ways to provide education to the underprivileged children is online crowdfunding. 

Education crowdfunding can be used by an individual to raise funds for his school or college fee. A fundraiser can also be started for a non-profit organization aiming to educate the children from rural areas. 

Crowdfunding can be utilized for education in many ways:

Education Crowdfunding For An Institute


Starting a fundraiser for your education NGO? We are here to provide you with complete crowdfunding assistance! The main challenge of an educational institute is to meet its capital goal without increasing costs for the students. Fundraising for education can be a great option for non-profit institutes to raise funds and the necessary standard of education required.

Institutes can involve their alumni and existing students to run the campaign for their education fundraiser. It will keep the students and the donors connected.

Project Or Research Education Crowdfunding


There are crowdfunding websites in India, such as us, that help you raise funds for your research papers. Research can be expensive and not many schools offer to cover the cost of research or project-based extracurricular study. Education crowdfunding can be an effective and easy way to raise funds for your academic passion. Take your first step to being independent! 

You can start a fundraiser at ImpactGuru at a 0-cost platform fee in less than 5 minutes Here are some useful fundraiser tips! 

Crowdfunding For Your Own Education

Employment and education has taken a hit during the pandemic but online fundraising can come to your rescue if you are planning to pursue higher studies. Many people have lost their jobs and means of income, with a huge financial crunch it is becoming difficult for many parents to pay for their children's fees.

Education crowdfunding can be really helpful to raise funds for a student’s fee. You can start a fundraiser for yourself or for someone you know in need of education funds. It is an easy way to help the community grow. 

The steps are simple, but before you start learning the basics of crowdfunding, here are 5 terms you should understand before crowdfunding.