Crowdfunding: Sounds Complicated? It’s Easy. See how these folks did it.

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 19, 2021

Apparao and his wife Mounika welcome their baby into this world. After nine months, they were informed that their baby boy is suffering from a heart defect and urgent heart surgery had become a necessity. Like any other parents, they pulled out all the funds that they could but still failed to match the funds required. A well-wisher suggested they try crowdfunding. The couple decided to start a fundraiser on ImpactGuru.They shared their fundraiser with friends and family. Through text messages and on social media. Day after day online donations started pouring in.  A number of donors from our community came forward to help.  It was an overwhelming response. With the love and support of ImpactGuru donors, their baby boy, Varshith was sent for the surgery and it was a success.

The baby continues to live a normal life with extraordinary support. 

This is how crowdfunding on ImpactGuru supported a 10-month-old baby Varshith’s heart surgery. Crowdfunding opened ways for the couple when they thought there was no way of saving their baby boy.


What is CrowdFunding?

Crowdfunding is a process of raising money for a cause, project or venture, from people through an online platform. Here are 5 terms to understand before you start crowdfunding.


The Campaigner

The Campaigner is the one who wants to start a fundraiser. In the above-mentioned fundraiser, the couple (campaigner) started a fundraiser for their baby boy. A fundraiser can be started for any cause, it is proven to be life-saving when in need of urgent medical funds. With crowdfunding, ImpactGuru has impacted over 500,000+ lives.  


The Platform

The platform refers to the fundraising website you will be able to start your fundraiser. The importance of finding the right platform will determine how easy and successful an experience it is for you. We offer our campaigners a mobile app to make this experience easier for people to keep track of their fundraiser and the number of funds they have raised. Choose a platform that offers great assistance, convenience, and speed. We ensure quick approvals and fast fund transfer.  

The Crowd

These are the people who believe and support the cause of your fundraiser. They are your donors. This could be your very own friends and family as well as strangers from around the world reaching out to you from our community of donors. In crowdfunding, there is nothing that these donors receive except the success of your cause. Their joy lies in your good health and success. The main reason they come forward to donate and help out. Therefore, we always say that a thank you goes a long way.

The gratification donors received after the success of baby Varshith’s surgery is enough reward for them. 


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