Can’t donate money? Here’s how you can still make a difference!

By: Tanushree Prasad

Published On: May 16, 2018

Charity doesn’t always have to mean giving money. Donating clothes, books, school supplies, food etc. can also go a long way in helping NGOs and social causes that are close to your heart. Here’s a list of places where you don’t need cash to spread happiness!

Wishing Well, Mumbai

Wishing Well started with a mobile library of books for children in 2005. While interacting with people during the drive, they realized how people were unaware and hence, eager to know more about donating things which were of no use to them and so Project Wishing Well was born.

Wishing Well aims to bridge the gap between the donor and the NGOs. They collect donations in the form of clothes, toys, books, electronic goods and household goods from the donors and coordinate with NGOs to send them the required goods.

People wanting to donate things listed above can drop a mail describing the goods that they wish to donate at . Pick-up facility is provided for people living between the areas of Jogeshwari and Colaba in Mumbai.

Dharavi Art Room, Mumbai

George Bernard Shaw rightly said, ‘You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul’.

Understanding and in the quest of implementing the same, Aqui and Himanshu founded Dharavi Art Room, a remarkable NGO focused on using art and creativity to familiarize children of Dharavi to the different mediums of expression. They provide a platform to not only the children of Dharavi but also to the women to understand and deal problems at a personal as well as societal level through various artistic forums.

Any kind of toys, colors, story books, supplies of art can be donated to this NGO by writing to them at dharaviartroom@gmail.

GreenSole, Navi Mumbai

What happens when two athletes, running for several kilometers, using up three to four shoes every year realize that the sole of the shoes were in good condition but not the shoe sides and are driven by the motive of finding solution for the same, come together?

Well, that is exactly how GreenSole came into existence. Brainchild of Sriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami, GreenSole revamps sole of shoes into trendy slippers to fight carbon footprint and bring about sustainability. You can donate your shoes to their ‘shoe collection stores’ located in different parts of the country and leave it to GreenSole to revamp and further distribute it to the needy or a pair of slippers can also be donated by them on your behalf for an amount of Rs. 199 per pair.

Neki ki Deewar, Gurgaon

With areas in Gurgaon having a wall solely devoted to donations, Neki ki Deewar is an initiative which puts a simple wall to use in such a manner which has not been witnessed earlier. Nishwarth Kadam, an NGO led by Arvind Saini and Pramod Raghav, came up with this idea and has successfully painted around 13 walls as of now. Running on the idea of ‘give and take’, people can come and leave anything on the wall – be it clothes, toys or appliances and the needy can take whatever they require. Their ultimate goal? To have one such wall in every area of Gurgaon.

Donate-a-book by Pratham Books, Bangalore

With the mission of putting one book in every child’s hand, Pratham books, an initiative of Pratham, aims at inculcating the habit of reading amongst underprivileged students by providing good quality books. The platform of ‘Donate-a-book’ encourages people from all around the country to donate particular books to particular organization or person. This person or organization will further help children in the reading and learning process. 

Store can be located on the ‘Store Locator’ list given on their website