Can You Bear The Cost Of Cancer Treatment?

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 24, 2021

Cancer is a dreadful disease. It was considered life-threatening once with a high level of mortality. Thanks to advancements in science, different types of  cancer  can now be cured. Even though most treatments are readily available in India, a lot of cancer patients face financial and other challenges.  Many patients succumb to cancer due to delayed treatment because of financial constraints.  Despite the treatment made available throughout the country, many people still face a difficulty in paying for their medical treatment.? As a medical crowdfunding platform, we have further delved into the matter. 

1 in 10 Indians Will Develop Cancer in Their Lifetime (WHO)

The numbers seem scary, but it is the reality of our society!

Average Cost Of The Most Common Type Of Cancer In India

Types Of Cancer

Starting Average Cost In India

Breast Cancer Surgical

1,68,185 INR (2300 USD)

Cervical Cancer Surgical

3,29,059 INR (4500 USD)

Oral Cancer Surgical

2,19,372 INR (3000 USD)

Prostate Cancer Surgical

3,29,059 INR (4500 USD)

Colon Cancer Treatment

4,60,683 INR (6300 USD)

Lung Cancer Treatment

5,33,807 INR(7300 USD)

Stomach Cancer Treatment

402,183 INR (5500 USD)

Small Intestine Cancer Treatment

402,183 INR (5500 USD) 

Cancer treatments often involve rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

  • An average chemotherapy cost in India is 1050 USD per cycle and on average it requires at least 6 cycles of chemotherapy. 

  • Depending on the stage of cancer, the cost of cancer treatment can vary between USD 3200 to USD 8000

  • The cost of chemotherapy varies between USD 650 to USD 1200 per cycle, and the cost of radiotherapy varies from USD 3500 to USD 5000. 

  • According to express healthcare, if new immunotherapy drugs and precision medicines are used, then the cost can go up to 1 crore rupees. 

Paying for such an expensive treatment can be a huge burden for a middle-class Indian. 

The Minimum Cost Of Cancer Treatment Is Almost Twice The Net Annual Income Of An Average Indian

More alarming situation than these numbers is the number of people who have to abandon their or their children’s cancer treatment due to lack of funds. 

According to NCBI research, 95% of treatment abandonment occurs due to the lack of funds.

Apart from the direct cost of cancer treatment, there are many indirect costs that the family has to bear such as loss of pay, food, traveling and stay. As the medical field advances in cancer treatment, the cost keeps rising, making the treatment unaffordable for many patients. The minimum cost of cancer treatment is almost twice the net annual income of an average Indian. 

  • A nation-wide survey also showed that 50% of people pay out of their pockets for cancer treatment. 

  • 25% are pushed below the poverty line and 

  • Many consume their savings, sell their assets, or go into deep debt.

Finding a way to make cancer treatment affordable in India without the risk of falling into debt has become the need of the hour as It continues to be a financial burden on the individual and the family even after the treatment is done.

Can You Bear The Cost Of Cancer Treatment? Now You Can!

ImpactGuru’s sole vision is to make healthcare affordable for all. With this vision, our crowdfunding platform has successfully fundraised for cancer treatments for several cancer patients across the country.  Our no payback policy lessens the financial burden on the patients. 

Here a few of the many cancer crowdfunding examples on our platform. 

Thousands of donors helped save Gurugram vegetable vendor’s son from cancer!

In June 2020, Krish was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with persistent fever and a body full of rashes. As his condition worsened day by day, the doctors informed his father that Krish needed a bone marrow transplant worth Rs 26 lakh to survive. With an income of Rs 200 per day, his father Parveen was in shambles. A ray of hope appeared when they started a fundraiser to save their little boy and received overwhelming support from thousands of donors. 2000 people shared Krish’s fundraiser to finally help him undergo a transplant. 

Fundraising gave Mumbai sweet-seller’s 9-year-old girl a new lease for life against cancer.

Grappling with lymphoblastic leukemia - a deadly cancer since 2017, Devyani and her parents had never imagined that it would relapse in 2020 even after heavy doses of chemotherapy. The little girl critically required Rs 40 lakh for a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy to beat cancer. Among hundreds of donors, 592 kind souls shared Devyani’s campaign and helped her get the transplant to defeat cancer once and for all! 

There are many more success stories of people overcoming the financial stress medical emergency puts them in. We at ImpactGuru provide 24x7 crowdfunding assistance to help you with emergencies and guide you through the fundraising process. Fight cancer with our support! 

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