Be On Guard Against Covid19 Here is Everything You Need To Know

By: Milton, Diamond

Published On: July 27, 2021

For the past one month, India has started seeing a significant drop in Covid-19 cases. The Delta variant of Coronavirus was responsible for the deadly second wave in India. The devastation claimed many lives in India. The drop in Covid-19 cases has led to a disregard of precautionary measures by many as a result of the restlessness induced by months of social distancing and quarantining.

As the lockdown is eased in various parts of India and the nation tries to return back to a state of normalcy, we know one thing for sure - we absolutely cannot take our health for granted again.

Let’s look at how can you prepare for the third Covid-19 wave:

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Why should you get yourself fully vaccinated?

Vaccination is the best defense against Covid-19. Multiple reports have shown that simply one dose would not give you enough protection against the new Delta plus variant of the Coronavirus. (Source: Business Insider India)

Since vaccination has been provided to people over the age of 18, it is likely that children will be the vulnerable group during the third wave. According to CNN News 18, the second dose of Covaxin for children aged 2-6 years is likely to be administered to those who are participating in the trials next week. 

Why do you need to follow all Covid-19 protocols?

We cannot afford to be complacent again. The devastating second wave taught us many lessons. It also led to ramping up of infrastructure like oxygen supplies, hospital beds and ICU beds. Don't let your guard down against the coronavirus, follow these simple steps:

  • Wear double masks, maintain social distancing at all times and wash your hands regularly. 

  • Stay fit. Follow a healthy diet and an exercise routine every day. 

  • Move out of your house only if it is necessary. Avoid large gatherings.

Is Covid-19 covered under health insurance policies?

Yes, Covid-19 has been included in health insurance policies. The cost of treatment is settled according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the policies. 

According to General Insurance Council data, as of May 5, 2021, 47,898 Covid claims had been rejected or withdrawn, while 187,754 claims worth Rs 6,848 crore were under review.

(Source: India Today)

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How can crowdfunding can help you in this crisis?

During the second wave, the lives of many patients were at risk. Some of them started online fundraisers because they were unable to pay their medical bills. Through the support of kind donors it was possible for patients to pay treatment costs for Mucormycosis, cancer, lung transplants and other medical illnesses. If you are finding it difficult to manage payments of medical treatment bills on your own, you can start a 0% fee fundraiser on our crowdfunding platform. A wide network of donors from around the country will help you get the funds required for your treatment bills. It is a simple process and you don’t have the burden of paying back the money as they are donations.    

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We need to prepare ourselves for the third wave. There needs to be a collective effort from each of us which will help in battling the third wave efficiently. We mustn’t let our guard down against Covid-19.

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