Acid Attack Survivors Spoke Up For Themselves on ImpactGuru

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: March 01, 2021

With a splash of acid, several lives have been ruined in our country. Acid attacks are heinous acts of violence committed out of spite. Acid burns are nothing like ordinary burns! They burn through the layers of skin causing excruciating pain and even irreversible damage to the organs. 

Acid attacks crumble the victims not only physically but also take an emotional toll on them. At bus stops, in the park, at a restaurant - people often gawk at the survivors. The majority of society hasn’t been sensitized to react to or empathize with acid attack survivors in social settings. 

Acid attack survivors need expensive reconstructive surgeries and other corrective treatments to ease their pain and try and take a step towards normalcy. When you are battling the scars and burns of 3rd and 4th-degree burns, asking for help is rather an act of courage than weakness. 

These acid attack survivors mustered the courage despite their circumstances and came forward to seek help on the ImpactGuru platform. 

Dimple Soni 

“My daughter raised her voice against dowry and they made her gulp acid.”

The story of Dimple Soni is bone-chilling. At the age of 21, Dimple got married to a man she assumed would love and cherish her for who she was. But she was mistaken. The man soon began to pressurize her for dowry. They tortured her for months until she was held down and made to gulp acid. Her vocal cord was completely ruptured and she suffered severe intestinal damage. 9 years later, the brave Dimple found her voice despite their attempts to silence her. She wishes to get better and rise above her acid attack and started a fundraiser as her auto-driver father made a heartfelt appeal for her.


“I refuse to let my circumstances enslave me. I need to make a living for my family despite how I look.”

It was his father’s bitter tenant who attacked little Shahnawaz with acid after being evicted. He grew up trying to make sense of why he was scorned upon by people. His parents used up all their life-savings treating his burns and on reconstruction surgeries. Shahnawaz eventually got married and has 2 beautiful children of his own. But with his burnt face, he is unable to find gainful employment in society to make a living for his children. Hoping that life holds a chance at normalcy for him, Shahnawaz came forward to seek help for his reconstruction surgeries and started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru.


“I blatantly rejected a man’s advances and he threw acid at my face.”

Shivani was happy to be teaching at the school and taking care of her own kids at home when an incident gave her the scars of a lifetime. The school owner made unwarranted advances towards her. When she shot down his advances multiple times, he threw acid at her face. The acid trickled down her neck and she suffered burns there too. They healed her burns as she tried to grapple with the scars her perpetrators left her with. But she refused to let her scars define her. Hailing from a labourer’s family, Shivani bravely came forward before thousands on ImpactGuru platform.

Nisha and Gulistan 

“He attacked us due to our sister’s strained marriage. But we refuse to let our burn scars define us.”

Embittered after a divorce, Nisha and Gulistan’s sister’s husband threw acid on the entire family while they were asleep. Their sister, Ujma lost her life while both suffered severe burns on half of their face and neck. Years after painstakingly healing from the incident, the two sisters wished to undergo reconstructive surgeries and soon secure a government job. But hailing from a poor family of an auto driver, the girls had no means to afford lakhs. The sisters started their fundraiser on ImpactGuru to share their story on the platform and seek much-needed support. 

Acid is a poison that leaves mental and emotional scars for life. Despite their gut-wrenching stories, these bravehearts had the courage to be seen and ask for help when they needed it. If your loved one is an acid attack survivor, you are only a few clicks away from starting a fundraiser on ImpactGuru. Seek the help! Raise your voice!