Your Zodiac Sign Helps Us Guess Your Favourite Cause To Donate To

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: August 03, 2021

Each of the 12 Zodiac Signs carry within them a basic intuition that draws them towards certain people and causes. If you have ever wondered about your purpose in life or just doing more to help your community - you have come to the right place! Oh and if you are just here to see whether we get your sign and preference right, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Our experts guess which crowdfunding cause you would like to donate to on the basis of your zodiac sign below: 


You are one of the tougher signs in the zodiac calendar and undoubtedly the most resilient. It is no wonder then, that you would use your inner strength and grit to help others out of difficult times in their lives. Our experts believe that medical crowdfunding in India would be your ideal chosen route to help others. What better cause to support than the one that helps people heal and get a chance to live healthier lives?


You are a healer and an empath! You believe in finding the good in everything and everyone around you. You are a supportive friend and often find yourself to be the secret-keeper of the group. As a good listener with a nurturing presence, your zodiac sign intuitively tilts towards memorial crowdfunding because you would never leave someone’s side if they were suffering a loss and needed support. 


Ah, diplomatic champs! You are a charming rationalist with a logical disposition. With World Organ Donation Day coming soon, our experts see you supporting Transplant crowdfunding by donating money, starting a fundraiser or even donating an organ yourself! Too heavy for a Wednesday morning? You can always start by sharing your chosen crowdfunding cause on your social media handles. 


Hi, Piscean! Your sign took some serious brainstorming on our path. No wonder you’re the rarest sign on the planet. You are an artist, a dreamer and emotionally intelligent. Your sign is drawn to amplifying its impact in several places at once. You are someone who would support both a personal cause such as paying for dance classes or a medical one like getting someone the most expensive treatment in the world. Because honestly, who can do it better than you?


Hello, our favourite hustlers! Your optimism stems from your self-assurance. To say that we need your confidence and motivation during trying times such as these would be an understatement. As a Capricorn, your chosen crowdfunding cause would be one that addresses some very real and immediate problems such as finding a solution to the after-effects of Covid-19. Our guess for you then is supporting Covid-19 crowdfunding by starting a free fundraiser in 5 minutes or even donating!


You are rational and read a situation carefully. You believe in perfecting things because you know that the smallest of gestures can lead to a much bigger impact later down the line. You’re a planner and would be the perfect backer for an NGO that cares. Making a rational decision was never difficult for you, Virgo! 


You are the life of your social circle. People flock to you because they see you as an uninhibited and oftentimes, a purely selfless human being. You look at every day as a new challenge that can be conquered and aren’t afraid to utilize the power of the community you have built around yourself, to do it. Our experts think your determination would perfectly back a travel-based cause. Travel crowdfunding and fundraisers complement the directness of your own approach in life.


Ah! A grounded soul. You care about nature and believe your greatest treasure to be your friends and family. Our experts think that the bull would be most drawn to animal welfare causes! Your loyalty and dependability make you the perfect donor to a cause for our fuzzy friends who need our help more than ever due to the after-effects of Covid-19. 


You wish to do so much in life that you constantly find yourself wishing for more than 24 hours in a day. Multi-tasker and multi-visioned, you are drawn to helping others even on your bad days. You have achieved an enviable balance between being nurturing and disciplined and would therefore be quite a role model to young children. Head to our children’s crowdfunding initiatives and tell us you don’t feel the instant connection to help them! 


Ok, you have heard this before but you really are quite the softy! Your sensitive and compassionate self refuses to take the beauty of the world for granted. You like to know things in order to understand them fully and be more appreciative of them. And guess what? We have found just the right cause for you - Education Crowdfunding! It’s your way of contributing to a better future for the world in which we live.


One word that describes you best is passionate! You truly believe that everyone has a unique purpose they were born to fulfil. What better way to channel your creativity and love for new projects than film crowdfunding? Go ahead, prove to everyone that work and play don’t always have to be separate...


You value freedom and actively pursue activities that help you remain true to yourself. You are a knowledge seeker, an intellectual and love immersing yourself in different cultures. We have to ask if you were the kid who broke their toys just to see how they worked or looked on the inside? Your skills and perception match you with start-up crowdfunding campaigns! You are all about making dreams come true after all!

So, how many did we get right? Starting a fundraiser for a cause you believe in or donating to people who struck a chord in your heart might be written in your stars but won’t come true until you make the choice to do so. We help you make the choice here and here 1800-1020-380.