Whether You Are 18 or 81, Crowdfunding Is For Everyone

By: Visakha, Shrishaila

Published On: October 19, 2021

Online fundraising has gained popularity in the past few years. With the advent of technology and the internet, crowdfunding in India is now easy and quickly gaining recognition for the possibilities that it brings to the table. According to a report in the Times Of India, “Indians, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic opened up their hearts and wallets to donate to many medical, social causes online.” In 2020 alone, there was a rise in donations by 43% annually. This means that more and more people are coming together to exercise their power to make a difference by starting fundraisers for their chosen causes and donating on crowdfunding platforms in India.

New to the world of crowdfunding? You’ve come to just the right place!

With Crowdfunding, age is just a number! 

First things first: What even is a fundraiser?

Whether you need funds for a family member’s medical treatment or financial help with your creative project, a fundraiser helps you in raising and collecting much-needed funds from donors across the country. The person who takes initiative and creates a fundraiser is called a campaigner.

Creating a fundraiser online is now as easy as forwarding a message on WhatsApp!

In India, crowdfunding websites and platforms like ImpactGuru are on the rise to assist many in their fundraising journey. Today, anybody can raise any amount (even in crores!) for their chosen cause by starting a fundraiser within minutes. Whether you’re young or old, tech-savvy or not, starting a fundraiser  is quick and easy with more and more fundraising platforms offering on ImpactGuru with its simplified, effortless and user-friendly features! which can be used by people of all ages. Creating a fundraiser online is now as easy as forwarding a message on WhatsApp!

Okay, that is covered but what exactly is this crowdfunding business?

Crowdfunding falls under the umbrella of fundraising. In simple pointers:

  1. Fundraisers are created online.

  2. On trusted platforms, these fundraisers are methodically verified. Crowdfunding platforms in India such as ImpactGuru offer secure payment gateways so that all your donations are safe and reach you on time.

  3. Crowdfunding’s primary motive is to help people seeking financial support for something personal and important to them.

  4. Get donations from anyone, anywhere - a co-worker, your long lost uncle or a stranger, whether they live next to you or miles away. Distance is not a disadvantage with crowdfunding.

Hmm, that sounds simple enough. So how do I start a fundraiser on a crowdfunding platform?

First, identify what you want to raise funds for. Your fundraiser will fall into one of the following categories depending on what you want to raise funds for:

While different crowdfunding platforms and websites in India will have certain things that they do might differently, almost all of them follow the process below:

What’s Your Story?

Quite simply, this means sharing the reason you chose crowdfunding. The more clear your words are, the more you evoke your potential donor’s trust. Oh and also, in case you need the funds as early as possible, mention the timeline of your cause, for example, if it is a medical fundraiser i.e. a fundraiser to raise money for treatment and post-op care - mention when your surgery or treatment is scheduled for. 

Crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru, also offer the feature of an automated StoryBot, where you can simply list your reasons, timeline and any additional information and it will structure your words into a story. 


Add Photos and Videos

Visuals are almost always more eye-catching than words. This is why you can use this to your advantage and support your fundraiser with appropriate and convincing photos and videos. Let the visuals substantiate your story. 


Add A Clear And Eye-Catching Title

Your title is what grabs the reader at first glance. Ensure that your title contains clarity about your cause, and try to keep it within 6-8 words.


For example, if one wishes to raise funds for a loved one’s cancer treatment, the title should clearly mention the same. For instance, ‘Help Engineering Student Smriti Fight Blood Cancer’ - will help the donor identify and immediately understand your cause.


Add Goal Amount

Mention the exact amount you require for your cause . For example, if it is for a medical purpose, state the amount you need for the treatment. Similarly, if it is for a personal cause, state your goal amount.

Share and Reshare to Reach Potential Donors

This is the crucial part of any fundraising campaign. After your cause is clear and your story is ready, it is time to share and promote your fundraiser amongst family, friends, and the online community. You can also use the power of social media in your favour. 


Start Raising Funds!

It is time to start raising the funds you need. India’s trusted fundraising platforms like ImpactGuru have a donor community of 20+ Lakh people who have donated to various fundraisers on their website.


Quick and Easy Fund Withdrawal

Withdrawals are quick and easy at fundraising websites like ImpactGuru. The crowdfunding site allows you to withdraw donations collected while your fundraiser is still on and raising funds. This is done because ImpactGuru understands the urgency and critical nature of crowdfunding when it comes to medical and other related causes. 


Raising funds online has never been simpler and more convenient. With crowdfunding, the community of donors online unite to support someone in need. Every donation brings you one step closer to your goal or dream. Like we said, whether you are 18 or 81, crowdfunding is for everyone! Now that you have a pretty clear idea about the whats, whys, and hows of crowdfunding, this is your sign to start your own fundraiser today.

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