When People Came Together To Do The Unimaginable - Stories You Haven't Heard Yet!

By: Zahabiya, Diamond

Published On: December 08, 2021

You know how in the concluding scene of Dead Poets Society, the 17-year-old students stand atop their desks and say in unison, “O Captain, My Captain!” That scene of students paying tribute to the professor who left a lasting impression on them, is one of the most well-known cinematic moments - one that quietly brings to the forefront, the power of standing up for something you believe in. 

Growing up, I found myself fascinated by a lot of these moments. The scene in the cartoon Pingu, where all the other penguins dance around him and hype him up or more recently, the time in Eternals where these otherworldly creatures come together to save the world. That crowds hold power, is no recent discovery. We are well aware of the sense of belonging being in a group can give and the purpose working together for a mutual cause can incite within us.

At ImpactGuru, we are committed to drive this power of the crowd, of communities, of changemakers into social causes that strive towards making the world a better place. ImpactGuru provides a platform for crowdfunding, which means that people from all walks of life can come together to raise or donate (or both!) funds for causes that they believe in. Rs. 100 might not seem like a particularly life-changing amount, but when this amount is donated by thousands of people, it can prove to have an immeasurable impact. 

Here are a few lesser-known fundraising stories showing how ImpactGuru’s campaigners and donors inspired the rest of us to follow suit:

  1. 17-Year-Old Aria’s Education Crowdfunding To Help SSRVM Kids Resonated With Donors

When Aria started mentoring the children at the SSRVM school, she realized that one’s financial stability directly affects their access to education. 

Aria chose to start an online fundraiser on ImpactGuru to raise funds for students of SSRVM school to receive 15 tablets that would help them attend online classes during the pandemic. 

Aria received incredible support also leaving a message for her donors,

"We are extremely grateful for all the help and support were given you towards supporting this cause. The money will be utilized for quality education to the students of SSRVM school by providing them with tablets."

  1. Perroayuda Foundation For Animal Welfare

ImpactGuru, has catered to a significant number of NGOs and nonprofits in generating funds and making a meaningful effect throughout the years. One such NGO is Delhi-based Perroayuda Welfare Foundation who work for animal welfare.

With the help of many donors and shares on social media, Perroayuda Welfare Foundation raised funds to continue helping animals especially those who were neglected during Covid-19. The team, elated for their cause’s success expressed,


“With the immense support showered by generous donors on ImpactGuru, we surpassed our expectations and were able to save several voiceless animals on the street! We are extremely grateful for all the help and support given by you towards supporting this cause.                 
  1. Village Volunteers Mukti

Village Volunteers teamed up with Impact Guru to raise funds to address two social issues: 

  • The taboo surrounding menstruation that prevents young rural girls from accessing sanitary pads.

  • The rehabilitation of women from intergenerational prostitution families through employment in manufacturing and business.

The Mukti pad company provides a source of revenue for women who work in the red light area. Pads are offered to underprivileged girls as part of a sponsorship scheme to help them stay in school.

423 generous individuals from throughout the country donated and showered their affection, raising nearly double the goal amount!

As can be seen above, working together opens up a plethora of opportunities. ImpactGuru understands that raising funds for the projects you support using traditional offline methods may not always be feasible.

So How Can Crowdfunding Help NGOs?

  • Gives NGOs and Non Profits a chance to reach an extended audience.

  • Reduces time for raising funds.

  • Cuts down costs and 

  • Effort of fundraising.

Donating To NGOs Online

Scientific studies have proven that generosity stimulates dopamine, which creates similar brain activity in the regions connected to the experience of pleasure and reward. By assisting others, humans are better able to make sense of a crisis, of their role in it, and add meaning to lives as well as others’. With the help of crowdfunding, social workers and changemakers have helped thousands of homeless individuals find shelter, children receive access to education, senior citizens get medical treatment as well as many, many other initiatives. 

Here are a few more examples of successful social fundraising:

  • The students studying in Grade 10 at Mohili Village MPS, Mumbai changed drastically when they received donations on ImpactGuru that enabled them to ensure continuous student learning in this pandemic. 

  • Vikash Chandra raised funds on ImpactGuru for the education of his deceased friend’s daughter Eva and helped to secure her and their daughter's future.

You too can be a part of this by donating on ImpactGuru's fundraisers and joining hands with various NGOs in achieving their goals!

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