This Diwali, Redefine Giving By Donating to a Fundraiser

By: Visakha, Diamond

Published On: November 03, 2021

Diwali, the festival of love and light, is here! On this auspicious occasion that celebrates goodness and giving, we at ImpactGuru want to thank our community of donors for their generous contributions over the years. By donating your chosen amount to people who need help, you have redefined the spirit of giving and kept the circle of #impact going strong!We feel nothing short of immense gratitude for ImpactGuru’s community of 20+ Lakh donors that has helped save thousands of lives and helped lakhs more! Just as Diwali signifies light over darkness, ImpactGuru hopes to continue to be a platform that can help people out of the darkness of financial turmoil and lead them towards the light of good health, recovery, and goal achievement.

From raising funds for a child with SMA to helping patients get life-saving treatments for cancer, paralysis, accidents, or heart diseases, ImpactGuru prides itself on being a platform that connects people in need to people who can help.

Below, we observe stories of strength and support on ImpactGuru that were only possible because of our kind and dedicated donors!

When Donors Became Strength for Little Nishchitha!

Suffering from septic shock and encephalopathy, 6-year-old Nischita, a once chirpy and cheerful girl, found herself covered in breathing and feeding tubes. Her parents were heartbroken and her little sibling always wondered why her sister was attached to machines. To help their daughter recover, her parents needed to arrange a total of Rs. 13 lakhs for their daughter’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) stay. 

That is when they decided to crowdfund for Nischita’s treatment and took a leap of faith with ImpactGuru. 400+ social media shares later, Nischitha’s fundraiser crossed Rs. 13 lakh and raised more than Rs. 17 lakh with the help of 1k+ Impact Guru donors! Nishchitha’s parents, who were overwhelmed with joy, wrote,

“Thank you Impact Guru donors! My family and I will always be indebted to your kindness.”

Baby Dhairyarajsinh Gets Zolgensma Because of Donors!

At only 3 months old, baby Dhairyarajsinh was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which severely affected the baby’s nervous system and basic movements. It also meant that, without immediate treatment, the little one would not make it past 2 years. 

SMA can be treated by gene replacement therapy with the one-time use drug called Zolgensma costing approximately Rs. 16 Crores. The major impediment in acquisition of this FDA approved drug is that it was the most expensive treatment in the world costing Rs. 16 crores. With this beloved child’s life on the line, Dhairyarajsinh’s parents sought to crowdfund on ImpactGuru to raise funds for the world’s costliest treatment. With the help of 2 lakh donors and 13k+ shares on social media, baby Dhairyarajsinh raised the colossal amount of Rs. 16 crores and was finally administered Zolgensma in May of this year. His father, elated for his son, and with a heart full of gratitude for the donors, expressed,

“Without your overwhelming support, the little one would have continued to battle SMA. Thank you for saving a life with your kindness.”

Help Sandhya Become Cancer-Free This Diwali

This is the story of Sandhya, a wife, a mother, and a breast cancer victim. Today, she needs your help more than ever to be able to afford a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and survive the monster that is breast cancer.

Narendra, husband of Sandhya, is currently raising funds for his wife’s treatment at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi. A mother of two, Sandhya’s never-give-up attitude is keeping her going in her fight against cancer for now, but she needs your help to fight cancer once and for all. To cover his wife’s treatment costs, Narendra is currently fundraising on ImpactGuru for Rs 10.9 lakhs.They have already sold their land, exhausted their savings and nearly every possession they have ever owned in their lifetime. Narendra, distressed for his wife, urgently needs all the help he can gather at this crucial point in their lives. 

This Diwali, you can give Sandhya the chance at a cancer-free future. To make a donation and support her fundraiser, click here. Another way you can help Sandhya become a cancer survivor is by sharing her fundraiser across your social media channels so that her story reaches more people like you who can help. 

Thank You For Being YOU!

Our team at ImpactGuru wishes you a safe, healthy and happy Diwali from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that we can continue working together towards a world where everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare. Meanwhile, we promise to continue amplifying your impact and doing our best each and every day.


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