Successful Fundraising Tips With Examples!

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: January 24, 2022

Amid the highs and lows, 2021 witnessed stories of hope and light that showed that magical things can happen when we take action and are brave enough to ask for help. Crowdfunding in India has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of its importance and potential of helping people achieve their goals and fulfil their needs. 

This increased awareness around fundraising in citizens of India has led many to start a fundraiser for their medical, social or personal causes on crowdfunding and fundraising platforms online. What’s more - usually donation-based crowdfunding platforms in India entail no payback whatsoever, which means that getting life-saving treatment, pursuing education, receiving critical covid-19 supplies do not lead one into the pits of financial debt and ruin. 

In this blog, we dissect and analyse the successful fundraisers on ImpactGuru that broke the odds, appealed to people and raised their goal amounts - to get you the best, most important fundraising tips for crowdfunding in India.

Starting a fundraiser on time 

Sarita Tiwari’s daughter, Anamika, suffered brain injuries after an accident in early August 2020. Days passed and hospital bills kept piling up. Things were looking bleak until Sarita came across a crowdfunding platform called ImpactGuru. She started a fundraiser in minutes, uploaded the necessary documents, helping it get verified within days. This helped her raise the required amount for brave Anamika’s treatment. Today, Anamika is recovering well with the help of physiotherapy and medications.

Be open, honest and yourself

Due to the socio-economic divide and widely uneven healthcare insurance, access to quality healthcare during medical emergencies can be difficult. However, Dhairyarajsinh managed to beat the extreme odds against him. When diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy type-1), Dhairya’s parents were heartbroken, more so because the treatment for SMA cost 16 Crores - making it the most expensive in the world. 

Not one to lose hope, their parents started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru and expressed their story. The fundraiser received the highest shares ever on ImpactGuru’s social media as its powerful story and pictures resonated with the hearts of all those who read it and saw the little one. The family also made sure that all their medical and hospital documents were in order so that potential donors would know and learn the urgency of their fundraiser as clearly as possible. All in all, about 2.6 Lakh donors came together to donate the entire goal amount within just three months for baby Dhairyarajsinh.

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The power of sharing 

When toddler Abu Bakar was diagnosed with stones in his kidneys and ureters - an immensely painful condition for the little one - the Bakar family felt like their world was spinning. Determined to write and take charge of their own story, Najama and Asalam started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru that led to 700 inspired changemakers coming together to help with Abu’s hospital and surgery bills. So what helped Abu receive his treatment on time? The power of sharing! Abu’s fundraiser was shared extensively, making it possible for his story to reach kind and dedicated donors online!

Dare To Dream

Two 17-year-old friends Disha Panda and Haneen Farid wanted to do their bit and thus started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru to cover the college education of 14 underprivileged girls. They were adamant about changing the fate of the girls thus sharing their story far and wide. The fundraiser was a success, raising over ₹2,01,761 with the support of generous donors who absolutely loved their initiative! This shows that crowdfunding is for anyone and everyone - as long as you are passionate about your cause and believe in it 100%, there is nothing that you cannot do.

"We knew that there were many young talented girls who were unable to achieve their goals, owing to financial issues. We do not want money to stop anyone from achieving their dreams. That was how we started the campaign.”                                                                                     

- Disha and Haneen, as quoted in Edex Live

Photos, Photos and Photos!

A heart-warming picture that spoke a thousand words helped Desraj, a rickshaw driver from Mumbai, to raise enough money for sustenance in his old age. Not only that, but Desraj changed his fate by raising enough funds to finance his grandchildren’s education as well! His fundraiser was received well on all social media including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. What worked best for him were the photos that conveyed his story on his terms.

Don’t Lose Momentum

The first few days of this fundraiser are very important! Shriya was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required chemotherapy as well as 50 sessions of proton therapy. Their fundraiser on ImpactGuru raised about 33.74 Lakhs with almost 2920 ImpactGuru donors coming together to help the little girl receive her treatment. The best thing Shriya’s parents and acquaintances did was make sure the story was shared consistently, this is especially important when your fundraiser is already being viewed and read by potential donors.

Tip: You can combine sharing and posting updates on your fundraiser for even faster fundraising.

Video appeal and storytelling 

Elderly couple was blessed with a baby girl after 28 years! However, the young one required urgent ICU care. Already short on funds post IVF costs, the family had no savings left. The couple started their fundraiser on ImpactGuru, and through the power of storytelling won many hearts. This story was conveyed visually through a video appeal that was not only extremely emotional but also conveyed all the important details of their story. Baby Cheshtha’s video was well received by many and the fundraiser was a success! 

Updates increase transparency

This fundraiser on ImpactGuru by Jesus Christ Charitable Trust was a success thanks to the constant updates provided by the trust. Well-wishers came forward to support a social cause by donating and sharing the fundraiser extensively. The funds were utilised to save the elderly’s only (old age) home amid the pandemic. The regular posts and updates by the Jesus Christ Charitable Trust helped donors gain trust and share the fundraiser thus meeting the amount required to save their home! 

Fundraising online helps many who require immediate funds for social, personal, medical or NGO causes. You can start a fundraiser today on ImpactGuru and avail the fundraising platform’s free campaigner mobile app, StoryBot feature, instant video appeals and more here

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