Organ Donation : A Second Chance At Life

By: Mayuri, Diamond

Published On: August 13, 2021

The 13th of August is celebrated as Organ Donation Day across the world. The reason? To motivate individuals to donate their organs after their death and in doing so, spread awareness about the importance of organ donations and transplants.

Organ Donation and Transplants: Meaning and Process

The act of surgically removing an organ or tissue from one person (the organ donor) and placing it into another person (the recipient) is known as organ transplantation.

Most people are aware of what an organ donation is, but there is still a lot of emphasis to be made on how important it is. Organ Donations are a second chance for people diagnosed with organ disease or failure, who need a transplant for complete recovery. More often than not, transplant treatments are the last ray of hope for patients praying for a healthy life.

Organ transplantation is one of the greatest advances in modern medicine wherein people of all ages are eligible to be potential organ donors. When a registered organ donor passes away, they are evaluated for donor suitability based on their medical history and age. The organ procurement organizations will then determine medical suitability for a donation to take place.

Organ Transplant Facts

According to research, over 2 lakh patients await an organ transplant in India. This is partly because of multiple myths surrounding the process of organ donation that have proven to be false time and time again. The fact is that organ donation is very important when it comes to saving lives.

Up to 8 lives can be saved with the help of one organ donor! The donation of two kidneys can save upto two patients the trauma of lifelong dialysis. A donated liver can be used to help two people receive the gift of a new chance at life. Furthermore, 75 people can be impacted with the help of just one tissue donor!

Common transplantations, that people are normally aware of, include kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, and bones.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, other organs that can also be donated are: 

  • Cornea

  •  Eyes

  •  Small Intestine

  •  Skin tissues

  •  Bone tissues

  •  Heart valves

  •  Veins

How is organ donation beneficial?

Organ transplantations offer a second chance at a healthy life for patients suffering from organ disease or failure. The success rate of organ transplantation is over 75%, according to research.

 Here are different ways in which a donor can help save lives, like:

Living DonationLiving donation takes place when a living person donates an

organ or part of an organ for transplantation to another person. This type of donor can be a blood relative or a stranger.

Deceased Organ Donation: This donation takes place when a deceased person donates an organ. The patient has to register in a hospital that does transplants. When there is an availability of an organ, the patients who are on the waitlist will be intimated.

How can crowdfunding benefit the process of organ donation?

Crowdfunding is a practice where campaigners (people who start a fundraiser) use online platforms to raise money for health-related needs with the help of donors. Its increasing popularity is based on its basic premise that a healthy future shouldn’t necessarily compromise your family’s financial security. Crowdfunding platforms in India ask the question, “Does anyone who can easily be treated, deserve to lose their life just because of a lack of funds?”

Organ transplants cost an exorbitant amount and are not always affordable or financially sustainable for each patient. In such cases, patients or their family members can start a fundraiser on their chosen crowdfunding platform and receive financial support from generous donors online. . Online crowdfunding platforms in India such as ImpactGuru have helped people raise funds for their medical emergencies, such as organ transplants, SMA, ECMO, cancer and many other deadly diseases.

On this organ donation day, we can make sure that someone out there gets their transplant - by giving the gift of an organ donation or donating money to critical transplant causes here.

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