National Youth Day

By: Zahabiya, Shrishaila

Published On: January 12, 2022

National Youth Day is celebrated on January 12 every year to inspire the younger generation to work towards creating a brighter future. The Day also motivates the youth in India by disseminating the ideals of Swami Vivekananda, a social reformer, philosopher, and thinker.

Swami Vivekanand devoted his life to channeling the energy of the youth for the betterment of the country. He wished for the youth to recognise their own potential and to express their views. His goal was to inspire young people to the point where they could stand with the British, face the atrocities, and achieve independence. Swami Vivekananda inspired India’s young to voice their thoughts and goals. On National Youth Day, we pay tribute to his revolutionary principles.

Why Is National Youth Day Important In India?

In India, 34% of the population is made up of the youth. Therefore, focusing on creating and making opportunities accessible for them can bring forward a significant change–

  • Children in schools should be given practical classes on what they want to pursue as a career option, as well as the freedom to pursue it.

  • From governance to polity, racism to patriarchy, youth has insights and opinions that have the potential to be revolutionary. They should be able to freely express themselves.

  • The formation of youth organisations that address the primary problems of youth could result in encouraging them to express their ideas.

  • Policies and regulations should be tailored to the country's 34% youth population in order for them to make better and more consistent use of the country's resources.

Why Is The Youth In India Choosing Crowdfunding?

Today's youth has a significant advantage when it comes to raising funds to help friends and family or for a good cause. As a tech-savvy generation, they have access to the power of crowdfunding because they have been raised in a world with social media and are virtually connected to practically everyone they've ever known. No one is too young or inexperienced to make a difference, that’s the message the youth is taking away from successful crowdfunding fundraisers.

At ImpactGuru, several online fundraisers were started by young people who saw crowdfunding as a tool to achieve their own ambitions and societal vision. Traditional fundraising methods were often physically exhausting or had a limited reach, but today's students understand the power and reach of social media firsthand. Starting an education crowdfunding fundraiser or a social fundraiser on ImpactGuru is quick, easy, and free, which allows them to reach millions of potential donors globally. Below, we look at a few examples:

  • With a view to improving the education system in India, Divanshu Kumar created Involve learning solutions. This not-for-profit-organization uses the technique of ‘peer teaching’ so that students learn, share knowledge and develop interpersonal skills at the same time. After influencing over 2500 students, Involve launched a campaign on ImpactGuru with the goal of teaching an additional 5000 students by 2020. The outpouring of support was amazing. The campaign raised Rs 2 lakhs in barely two hours!

  • The pandemic widened the literacy gap between males and females in India, forcing an increasing number of girls to drop out of school due to socioeconomic limitations. Disha Panda and Haneen Farid, two 17-year-old friends, wanted to help and thus created a fundraiser on ImpactGuru for the college education of 14 impoverished girls. The campaign was a success, raising over Rs 2,01,761 thanks to the generosity of donors who identified with their cause!

Benefits of crowdfunding for the youth -


Those not looking to start a fundraiser can also consider donating. No matter how much you donate, it can have a great impact on a child’s life or a teen’s education! If you want to make a continuous difference in someone’s lives, consider recurring monthly donations. Monthly donors on ImpactGuru donating to online fundraisers receive monthly fund utilization reports, 80G tax benefits and instant customer assistance for any queries. 

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Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has been extremely beneficial in providing an online platform for India's youth to express themselves. At ImpactGuru, we think that lack of funds should not be the reason that people go hungry, without an education, without life-saving treatment, or fail to realise a dream. This National Youth Day, start a fundraiser or donate to a cause near and dear to your heart to join them in making a difference.