India’s Youth is Actively Making a Difference - Here’s How

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: December 14, 2021

During the pandemic, NGOs and similar socially driven organisations played a huge part in helping people get access to healthcare, food, and shelter. Consequently, non-profit organisations, individual initiatives and social communities needed more funds to keep afloat and be able to provide the necessary help. With social distancing and quarantining becoming a norm, helping on-ground wasn’t an option for all. However, virtually supporting them by creating awareness around the work a social organization was doing, amplifying their voice on social media and of course financially supporting them through donations, was still possible - becoming, in fact, the need of the hour.

Many took the help of online fundraising with the pandemic witnessing a 40% rise in donations. Crowdfunding - an online method of raising funds with the help of small donations from an extensive group of people - gained both significant recognition and importance. Furthermore, the dystopian reality of the pandemic pushed the youth of India to create solutions of their own and how! 

India’s youth and crowdfunding 

At ImpactGuru, numerous fundraisers were created by young individuals who believed crowdfunding to be a way to realise their personal goals and social vision. The traditional method of fundraising was often physically tiring or had a small reach, but the youth of today know first-hand the power of social media and its reach. Online crowdfunding helped them appeal to millions of potential donors from all over with starting a fundraiser being quick, easy and free on ImpactGuru!

One such example is Aria who knew that she had to do something for her students in Dharavi after they were severely affected by the pandemic -

A 17-year-old’s commitment towards education for the underprivileged 

Mumbai-based Aria would train students in the field of Robotics at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) School in Dharavi, until it was severely hit during the pandemic.

To ensure that the students of SSRVM do not miss out on online classes, Aria started a crowdfunding campaign on ImpactGuru to raise funds on their behalf. The fundraiser received immense support and love from all donors and raised ₹1,55,000, empowering Aria to provide more than 10 tablets to the students for their online lessons!

“For years I had long conversations with each of the students about their lives, struggles and surroundings. I came to understand that education is still a privilege to a lot of students. They are extremely driven, motivated but some just don’t have resources.” 
- Aria, as quoted in Mid-day

Aria managed to raise ₹1,55,000 for her students at SSRVM. Twenty donors from around the country donated to her cause. Her efforts paid off and students continued with their education. 

Two sisters to the rescue of 14 underprivileged girls

The pandemic increased the disparity in the literacy rate between males and females in India, with more and more girls being forced to drop out of schools due to financial constraints. Two 17-year-old friends Disha Panda and Haneen Farid wanted to do their bit and thus started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru on behalf of the college education of 14 underprivileged girls. 

The fundraiser was a success, raising over INR 2,01,761 with the support of generous donors who resonated with their initiative! 

"We knew that there were many young talented girls who were unable to achieve their goals, owing to financial issues. We do not want money to stop anyone from achieving their dreams. That was how we started the campaign.”
- Disha and Haneen, as quoted in Edex Live

Two Gurgaon teens help in transforming the healthcare for some impoverished students

At just age 15, two cousins from Delhi NCR set out to detect and observe the challenges faced by the Indian healthcare system in providing access to basic healthcare to underprivileged children. Arjun and Kyra study at the Shri Ram School, Gurgaon.  They created the Children's Health Action Management Project (C.H.A.M.P), a social initiative aimed at investigating and addressing the status of healthcare for children in India.

The young dynamic duo set out to help a school in Hyderabad which catered to 800+ children whose parents were daily wagers from low-income communities. Arjun and Kyra wanted to set up a healthcare facility for annual check-ups and provide supplies for COVID-19. To make this help possible, they started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru. Donors loved their initiative and helped them raise INR 2,74,000 for their much needed vision!

“Under the guidance of our parents and a local NGO, we first reached a ‘raen basera’ in south Delhi last year. During our first visit we were shocked to see children in dire condition with no footwear, their noses running, tattered clothes and they looked extremely hungry and deprived. That single visit changed something within us. That was the moment we were determined to help the children understand the basic etiquettes of staying healthy.”
- Arjun, as quoted in ANI 

In India, 28% of the population comprises young people between the ages of 10 to 24 years. By coming together and envisioning social change, the youth hold the power to make a positive impact in social, economic and healthcare fields. One way to do this is finding the monetary backing to complete their aims. Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has been immensely useful in giving India’s young a platform to voice their. At ImpactGuru, we believe that lack of funds shouldn’t be the reason that people go hungry, without education, without life-saving treatment and without realising a dream. To join them in creating change, start a fundraiser or donate to a cause close to your heart here: Make An Impact