How To Start A Fundraiser: Does It Really Take Minutes?

By: Raj, Pradeep

Published On: June 15, 2022

When faced with an unprecedented situation and lack of financial support, a person may need emergency financial assistance and wonder how to get it quickly and effectively. With the growing popularity of online crowdfunding, anyone requiring urgent financial assistance for any personal and social cause can raise funds easily. You can do so by simply starting a fundraiser within a few minutes on ImpactGuru!

Now, you may have a question- Does it really take minutes to start a new fundraiser? Yes, you can start a fundraiser easily in just a few minutes and raise funds online for yourself, others, or a cause close to your heart. The fundraiser journey can be overwhelming if you’re raising money for the first time. But, there’s no need to worry. You can follow these simple steps to start a new fundraiser within a few minutes. 

Getting started: 

  1. Decide your goal amount

You can start by defining your goal amount. How much funds do you want to raise? It is crucial to decide a specific amount as it helps your donors understand how much funds you need to overcome a particular issue. It is better to compute the overall cost as your fundraiser’s goal as people are more likely to support a clearly defined cause. 

For example, if you are raising funds for your cancer treatment, include expenses such as medication, follow-up costs, loss of income, and rehab with your primary treatment. 

  1. Select an online fundraising platform

Some of the distinctive features that you should look for when choosing a crowdfunding platform are: 

  • Better user interface and design for easy usability

  • Lowest platform fees and payment processing fees

  • 24*7 customer support

  • Quick disbursal of funds

  • History of successful fundraisers on the platform

  • 100% transparency in the fundraiser process

  • Urgent fundraising assistance

  • Different payment gateways to accept donations

  • Mobile apps for user convenience

See the Crowdfunding India guide that will help you compare different fundraising platforms in India and choose the best platform for your fundraising needs. 

  1. Start a fundraiser and convey a compelling story

Crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru make it easy for the campaigners to start a fundraiser quickly within 5 minutes. You must select a cause like medical, personal, social, and creative and provide some basic details to get your fundraiser live. 

People are more likely to connect emotionally with powerful stories. Fundraising stories can help build a personal connection between the beneficiary and the general audience; thus, getting more donations ultimately. Therefore, it is vital to be honest when you convey your cause. Before writing a fundraiser story, it is good to ask yourself some questions given below:

  • What’s the purpose of raising funds?

  • Why does donation play an important role in your life?

  • How well are you connected with the cause?

  • How can the fundraiser help you or others?

Ensure to answer the question ‘Why is fundraising important?’ This will increase the chances of getting donations. Check out the complete guide for more information about starting a fundraiser. 

  1. Share your fundraiser

After getting your fundraiser live, share it with your friends and family. Then, add captivating photos, videos, and messages to your fundraiser story to get donations from your inner circle. Getting donations from your family members or friends can help you raise funds from potential donors, as people feel some amount is already raised and it’s a cause worth supporting. That’s why, start sharing it with more people after your inner circle donates some amount.

One way to get more donations is to increase visibility and create more awareness so that your fundraiser gets noticed. Sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as via emails can be an effective way to connect potential donors to your fundraiser. 

You can also raise funds online without using social media. Want to know how? Click here

  1. Provide regular updates and withdraw funds when received

When people start donating, they believe in your cause and build an emotional connection to it. Therefore, it is important to provide necessary updates related to your cause, like any new improvements or misfortunes, and even show appreciation by thanking your donors. 

Want to know more about donor retention on ImpactGuru? 

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ImpactGuru ensures that campaigners can withdraw funds at any time during the fundraiser journey after sending a request for approval. For early approval, it is important to keep some documents handy and provide them when requested. 

With this guide, you can create a new fundraiser in just a few minutes and start raising funds quickly for your specific cause on ImpactGuru. If you need some extra support, we provide a wide range of resources like fundraising tips, fundraising ideas, and several other guides on the ImpactGuru blog

Do you still have queries related to starting a new fundraiser? Contact us on our toll-free number 1800 891 2903.