How To Make Kidney Transplant Cost in India Affordable Through Fundraising Platforms?

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: December 14, 2021

Kidney transplant costs in India range anywhere between ₹7,00,000 to ₹10,00,000. This does not even include the cost of post-operative care or bills for the anti-rejection medications as well as patient rehabilitation. Additionally, if one doesn’t find a donor match within their known circle, they are put on the waiting list. This does not just take longer but also gets more expensive with continued medication and treatment adding to an already expensive organ transplant. Such factors have made getting a kidney transplant in India increasingly unaffordable.

How can one fund their kidney transplant disease in India?

Finding a healthy donor match is difficult and time-consuming in itself. Lack of funds should not be the reason that a potentially life-saving transplant is delayed any further. If one is looking to fund their kidney transplant at the earliest and without raking in financial debt then fundraising through crowdfunding platforms could be a viable solution. It involves raising funds online via social media and includes NO payback. This kind of crowdfunding is also known as donation-based crowdfunding. Today, many are raising funds for their surgeries on medical crowdfunding platforms such as ImpactGuru. 

Below are some of the many patients who have raised funds for their kidney transplant surgery costs on ImpactGuru - India’s trusted medical crowdfunding platform: - 

  • MBA aspirant Kshitija Rajendra raised  15,33,541 for her kidney transplant. 

  • Donors contributed 5.26 lakh for little Fazil’s kidney transplant.

  • Rajeev received an urgent, life-saving kidney transplant worth 29,12,043 thanks to ImpactGuru.

Anyone can crowdfund their kidney transplant surgery costs, hospital bills, medication and rehabilitation costs on ImpactGuru with these simple steps: 

  • Start a fundraiser: It’s free and takes minutes! 

  • Fill your details: Upload relevant documents such as hospital bills, reason for creating the fundraiser and other basic details,

  • Share your fundraiser: The more you share your fundraiser, the more chances your story has to connect with potential well-wishers and donors. 

  • Raise funds online: It’s a completely virtual and secure process. On ImpactGuru, you can also withdraw funds before your fundraising journey is complete as we understand the urgency of medical situations such as these.

Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney treatment, surgery and post-op care take a major chunk of the total savings of the average household. The average monthly salary of Indians is ₹32,000, even the least expensive organ transplant cost 15 times more than that. Whether loans and insurance are not an option for you or are partly covering your medical expenses - crowdfunding can be your chosen solution to cover the additional costs around a procedure as critical as a kidney transplant. The pandemic has caused significant damage to our healthcare industry and crowdfunding is gaining more importance than ever.

With medical crowdfunding, there is no payback involved, there is no liability whatsoever and you have thousands of people who are rooting for you online. With 24*7 expert assistance and constant tools available you can always push your fundraiser to achieve the goal amount. 

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