How Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru Can Save Patients, Support Families and Fulfill Dreams!

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: November 17, 2021

ImpactGuru is a crowdfunding platform that empowers people to raise funds for any cause close to their heart, to meet certain needs during a vulnerable time and even to make their creative and business ideas come true! One of the things that we, at ImpactGuru stand for, is promoting social welfare by providing access to quality healthcare to all those who need it.

According to the National Sample Survey, 80.9% of urban and 85.9% of the rural population in India do not have any health expenditure coverage, which implies that patients and their families are paying these steep medical bills with their life savings. This lack of affordability of healthcare drives many Indians away from critical and life-saving treatments like chemotherapy, liver transplant, dialysis and more. Crowdfunding in India becomes an important solution here since it offers financial assistance during a medical emergency without the lengthy paperwork and the long waits! 

Crowdfunding in India and its Social Impact

Supporting healthcare creates mindful opportunities and growth in different sectors of the nation. Public Health boosts economic development and GDP by increasing productivity and a better standard of living. It impacts education by lowering absenteeism and improving learning in children and young adults. Various studies have already shown that universal access to healthcare is a wholesome way of improving life expectancy and social welfare while significantly alleviating poverty.

How Does Medical Fundraising Work on ImpactGuru?

Today, medical crowdfunding is a rapidly growing practice where fundraisers use online platforms to raise money for health-related needs via social networks. Its increasing popularity is based on its belief that a healthy future shouldn’t necessarily compromise your family’s financial security.

The money raised through donation-based crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru entails no payback. Sometimes, loans and insurance might not be an option due to the immediate requirement of funds or partial coverage of a particular treatment. Here, fundraising on a crowdfunding platform can be a quick and simplified way of getting financial assistance. 

ImpactGuru is a leading crowdfunding platform in India, known for its record-breaking fundraising - it raised Rs. 2 Crores in 48 Hours - for a single medical campaign! Some of ImpactGuru’s other features include:

  • Speedy Fundraiser Approvals so you can raise funds in times of emergency without hassle. Roughly 2 Lakh fundraisers have been created on ImpactGuru, with the platform raising a consolidated figure of INR 1500+ Crores!
  • Fast Fund Withdrawal for when you need urgent funds even in between your fundraising journey. We understand that during a medical emergency, time is of the essence and are therefore committed to making fund withdrawals as well as fundraising easier with premium features like personalised consultation with a relationship manager, fundraising calendars and more!
  • Free, 24/7 Customer Support, strategizing, feedback or questions - we are here for them all with our over the clock expert fundraising support!

See how crowdfunding works in India, here

Meet Some of our Campaigners in the #ImpactGuruFamily

1. Jesus Christ Charitable Trust

This fundraiser on ImpactGuru by Jesus Christ Charitable Trust was a success thanks to the constant updates provided by the trust. Strangers came forward to support a social cause by donating enough money to save the only old age home from being abandoned amid the pandemic. The constant posts by the Jesus Christ Charitable Trust helped donors gain trust and share the fundraiser and thus meeting the amount required to save the old age home. 

2. Siddhi’s Story 

Siddhi Teli will continue her education, thanks to the donors of her fundraiser. Her family was worst hit by the pandemic and could not afford to pay her college tuition. However, ImpactGuru Donors thought otherwise. Several came together to pay off her engineering fees. 

3. A Teacher’s Dreams for his Students

A teacher from Mohili MPS took the initiative to help his students to continue their education during the pandemic! Thanks to the fundraiser he started on ImpactGuru, the class tenth students of Mohili MPS continue to appear for important exams. The fundraiser received the much required social media shares and met the complete goal amount!

4. Ayaansh 

Initially, when Ayaansh Gupta was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition- SMA or Spinal Muscular Atrophy, his parents lost hope. The exorbitant amount was beyond their savings. However, 62,467 donors of ImpactGuru thought of creating a change by donating to Ayaansh’s fundraiser. Ayaansh Gupta defeated SMA with the help of his donors. What worked in this fundraiser was the power of sharing, in just 119 days 14.82 Cr was raised for this cause. 

“Thank you! Thank you so much to Impact Guru and all its donors, my wife and I will be forever indebted to all those who showered our boy with generosity. We don’t have words to do justice to the overwhelming support we have received from thousands of strangers around the globe.”

- Yogesh Gupta, Ayaansh’s dad 

5. Shriya

Shriya was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required chemotherapy as well as  50 sessions of proton therapy. However, her parents had already exhausted all their savings. Once they started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru, the fundraiser raised about INR 33.74 lakh and Shriya was able to receive the complete treatment. Almost 2920 ImpactGuru donors came together in this little girls plight! 

6. Varshini 

Varshini can smile again thanks to her donors! Varshini’s fundraising posts on Facebook helped her story reach more people who could help, leading to her fundraiser quickly raising the amount required for the treatment! These well-wishers helped her raise lakhs of rupees for her blood cancer treatment and helped her to fight cancer.

7. Bombay Scottish School, Mahim

The drivers and the didis of Bombay Scottish School, Mahim had lost their livelihood due to the pandemic. The parents of BSS, Mahim started a fundraiser on ImpactGuru to help them in a time of need. 1503 donors came together to surpass the goal amount of INR 60 lakhs! Many of the staff members of the school expressed their gratitude. Here’s a message from one of Bombay Scottish School’s didi (non-teaching staff member) - 

“We felt very good! Because in such a bad situation someone is helping us. We believe that it is only because of them that our house is running! It was a huge help!”

Join our ImpactGuru family by starting a fundraiser on India’s leading crowdfunding platform. If you wish to know more about raising funds online and how it works, you can click here or reach out to us on 18008912903.