How 4 Indian Teenagers Used Crowdfunding To Make A Change

By: Hitesh & Chiara

Published On: January 06, 2021

Today’s teenagers are not content with mere promises of change. They are ready to change the world themselves, and change it for the better. And if they cannot do it on their own, they have no qualms about turning to others for help, via crowdfunding. At ImpactGuru, we have had a front-row seat of how our teenagers are helping change India for the better, one initiative at a time. Here are some of these teenagers and their stories.


“How can crowdfunding help kids learn, even in under-staffed schools?”


Divanshu Kumar - a student of IIT Madras - was helping improve learning outcomes for kids in under-staffed schools, as part of non-profit organization Involve’s initiative. In the absence of teachers, or even with overworked teachers, the children were the ones who would suffer the most. Simple volunteering to teach select classes was also not going to work either. What then?


A peer-teaching process was selected to be implemented. Volunteers would teach select senior students, who would in turn teach their juniors. 10 under-resourced schools in Chennai and Bangalore were selected for this project. With the help of crowdfunding, Divanshu and Involve were able to raise more than Rs. 12 lakh for their initiative.


“How can crowdfunding help the injured stray animals we see on the streets?”


Diya Chitrabhanu and Ananya Mehra pondered on this question, and came up with a novel plan: an online fund-raising concert, involving their friends and family! All the proceeds raised from this concert were to go towards Animal Aid Unlimited (Udaipur) and Help In Suffering (Jaipur). These organisations are involved in shelter, adoption and treatment of stray and injured animals. 


Their fund-raising concert was a big success, featuring over 40 acts. It also helped them raise an amount of Rs. 9.5 lakh, helping create a more humane world for at least some stray animals.


“How can crowdfunding help the daily wage workers on the streets?”


The stories of daily wage workers and of their hazardous journeys home, have been documented in detail. But along with these heart-breaking truths, there have also been stories of kindness, brought about by ordinary citizens like you and me. Hyderabad-based B. Tech student Kiran Padma Ravi is one.


Collecting fruits and vegetables from nearby vendors and shops, Kiran used his own money to prepare food for the stranded workers. His friends helped him along, and he began a crowdfunding campaign. With the funds raised (Rs. 34,377), they were able to procure pulses, rice, vegetables, water and other essentials, and prepared daily cooked meals. In their own way, Kiran and the collective he was a part of - AdLo - were able to do something good.


“How can crowdfunding help those who cannot help themselves?”


Part of the Lagni Foundation’s ‘Plate Of Joy’ project, 18-year-old Rishabh Somani was a volunteer in their efforts. Together, they provided daily meals to senior citizens who had no one else to turn to. With the others, Rishabh started an online fundraiser to guarantee the promise of daily meals for a longer time period. And it worked.


Their fundraiser raised Rs. 2.04 lakh, helping the ‘Plate of Joy’ project provide these meals for the span of an entire year. As rightly said in their fundraiser appeal, “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”


These are just some of the many successful campaigns that we were privileged to make possible on our platform. Just like these plucky teenagers, you can start a crowdfunding campaign too. No matter what the cause, if you believe in your initiative and if you take all the right steps, you too can make a change in your own unique way!

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