Helping India’s Youth Crowdfund Their Dreams Into Reality

By: Mayuri, Diamond

Published On: August 12, 2021

August 12 of every year is designated by the United Nations (UN) as the International Youth Day. This day is viewed as an opportunity for governments and communities to draw attention to issues that affect the youth worldwide. The first Youth Day was observed in 1999 after the UN General Assembly (UNGA) passed a resolution accepting the advice made by the planet Conference of Ministers liable for Youth in Lisbon.

To spread awareness about the challenges faced by the youth, Workshops, conferences, concerts, seminars, cultural events, and meetings are held on this day around the world. These events involve the local and national government officials as well as the youth organizations.

Why is International Youth Day important in India?

28% of the population in India - that is 356 million people living in India - are between 10-24 years old. This means that India has the largest youth population in the world! International Youth Day emphasizes the rights of children to possess full access to education, healthcare, employment, monetary services, and complete participation in public life, some things that we need increased awareness of, in India.

One area where the youth can accelerate progress for the country is by making their crazy and creative business ventures come to life. Due to the lack of collateral however, youth entrepreneurs in India are facing difficulties in accessing financing from financial institutions.The lack of credit history and high rate of interest also pose a setback for them. Crowdfunding can easily be one of the solutions to finance their enterprises. 

How can crowdfunding help?

Crowdfunding in India is quickly establishing its stronghold by becoming potentially the fastest and easiest way of raising funds during one’s time of need. Crowdfunding platforms in India such as ImpactGuru help young entrepreneurs start a fundraiser for a cause of their choice and give them assistance throughout their campaign. It is especially useful because our Millenials and Gen Z are proficient in the art of using social media to raise brand awareness, credibility and promote their crowdfunding fundraiser using relevant pictures, video appeals and of course sharing!

The entrepreneur community in India needs a successful and widely accepted version of crowdfunding platforms that helps start-ups or individuals to launch a product.

Youthful (at heart and otherwise) and passionate about crowdfunding your dreams to reality? Consider starting a fundraising campaign with these few tips:

  • Choose a realistic monetary goal

  • A video containing the story of your cause always helps

  • Make sure your story attracts both kinds of donors – those who will give you funds and those who will share your initiative on their social media pages

  • Keep thanking donors throughout the campaign and sharing updates during and after

Here’s how you can Let Crowdfunding Help Your Small Business Grow.