First Time Crowdfunding? Here’s How You Can Ask For Donations Online!

By: Visakha, Diamond

Published On: November 16, 2021

Crowdfunding in India is a viable option for those looking to acquire financial support to fund medical treatments, business and startup ideas, NGO initiatives, as well as creative and personal causes like financing one’s education

By raising funds online on a trusted fundraising site, with the help of generous donors, people can now find the financial backing they need to access healthcare or other needs, projects and causes close to their hearts. However, we understand that asking for donations online can feel intimidating or even embarrassing to some. Nobody wants to feel like they are in a position where they cannot “afford” certain things or that they “need financial help” - it can make the best of us feel uncomfortable. Such inhibitions associated with crowdfunding can pose a challenge before you embark on your fundraising journey. Here are some key insights that can help:

Remember What Is Important To You

The end goal of crowdfunding can be saving a loved one's life, starting a new business, educating your child or even supporting a family after a relative's death. It is important to focus on your reasons for choosing crowdfunding, and remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.


Moreover, let us not forget that India is a community-driven country. We are people who connect with each other while doing something as simple as borrowing sugar from a neighbour. Caring and helping people is what comes naturally to us. Thus, crowdfunding gives an opportunity not just to campaigners but to the donors to do what they love the most - support initiatives and fundraisers that they are inspired by!

Take a look at stories of people who fought the fear and stigma, here

The fear of Log Kya Kahenge can be put to rest because crowdfunding gives you the platform to share your story on your own terms. By sharing only what you are comfortable with, you not only find donors who back your cause financially but also a community of well-wishers who are rooting for your success and health. 

Below are a few campaigners on ImpactGuru who shared their fundraising experience on India’s leading crowdfunding platform:

Tashi Receives Her Bone Marrow Transplant

Varshini Fights Blood Cancer

Mohili Village MPS Gets Access To Electricity and Other Resources Amidst COVID 19 Pandemic

At ImpactGuru, we believe that when your dreams and goals are this special, the stigma should not stand a chance. In the interest of those who want to fight their fear and make their voices heard, here are some ways in which you can ask for donations online to fulfil your cause:

How To Start Appealing For Funds

  1. Tell your story, honestly

While creating your fundraiser, ensure that you communicate your story to the readers in an honest, and personal manner about why you need the funds. The aim is to help them understand where you’re coming from and inspire them to support your cause. Details add relatability and authenticity to your fundraiser. At the end of the day, people will donate because they BELIEVE in you, so incorporate your story with details that you as a donor would want to know. 

  1. Sending personalised messages

While asking for donations within a social or professional circle, sending tailored messages that resonate with the person you are appealing to for support, helps. For instance, your close social circle would respond to an informal approach with a personalised touch of why they should donate to your cause, and your professional circle would probably respond better with a different kind of appeal. If you are sharing your fundraiser’s link on WhatsApp, for example, you can take it a step ahead and add their name while making an appeal to personalise it even further.

  1. Use visuals to your advantage!

While crafting your appeal for donations, use photos that you believe convey the memories and emotions that help you connect with the community you are appealing to. Such visuals can create a sense of familiarity and let your well-wishers get to know you better


  1. Take them till the donation button

In the process of sharing your story and asking for funds, we often forget to show the reader the way to the fundraiser link. Along with a clear mention of where the donation button is located in your message, convey the different convenient options of UPI, PayTM, and such payment methods that make it easier to donate online. Select fundraisers on ImpactGuru also offer 80G tax benefits to their donors, if this is the case for your fundraiser, make sure you convey the same!

  1. Mention why it is time-sensitive 

Establishing a sense of urgency while sharing your fundraiser will not only help your cause move forward at a quicker pace, but it will also motivate the donor to make their decisions sooner. Communicate to the donor why your fundraiser is time-sensitive and what could happen if the goal amount is not met on time - frame the negative repercussions of inadequate funds in a lighter way with words to evoke sympathy and urgency, both.

We share the inspiring story of Ayansh Madan to explain this point better:


11-month-old Ayansh Madan from Delhi was diagnosed with the rare Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This disorder attacks the baby’s muscles and nerves and as it progresses, makes it extremely difficult for them to carry out basic activities like sit up, lift their head, swallow milk, and even breathe.


The only cure for little Ayansh’s condition was the world’s most expensive treatment - Zolgensma which was needed before Ayansh turned 2-years old. However, the cost of this one time injection was an unaffordable Rs. 16 crores! To raise funds for his medical treatment, Ayansh’s parents set up a fundraiser on ImpactGuru. The fundraiser received tremendous attention from well-wishers and even celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Farah Khan to get the baby his life-saving treatment as soon as possible!

  1. Its okay to not receive funds from every person you have appealed to

Oftentimes, donors cannot make a donation at the moment owing to their own commitments. However, you can still ask them to share your fundraiser to help it reach more and people who support you in your fundraising journey. Sharing on social media is not only free but also effortless! A recent and important example of people coming together on social media to create awareness and raise funds is during the Covid-19 pandemic where people connected via Instagram stories, WhatsApp groups and Facebook statuses to help covid patients receive oxygen concentrators on time! 

In today’s world, social media is an integral tool to build and explore connections that absolutely cannot be stressed enough. Here is another such example: 

Strike Out The Stigma

Over the last few years, ImpactGuru has been a crowdfunding platform wherein people can raise funds to meet any of their needs. We have been privileged to see people stand up for each other and win against all odds and hope to continue doing our bit by fighting stigma, empowering people and giving them a platform - one fundraiser at a time!

To know more about crowdfunding on ImpactGuru, visit the link here. If you would like a free expert consultation on how to raise funds on ImpactGuru, you can call here 18008912903 or mail us at [email protected]